Matchup thread - f.a.n.g

Bang a F.A.N.G we are on.

had to learn this the hard way whenever they slide next you prepare for a grab

Just got through playing a F.A.N.G, and what I like that add is look out for his block strings when you are being rushed down. A good amount of them aren’t true block strings if he is just flailing his arms around, and can be v-skilled between them and punished with the flex, or a SPD you are close enough

Now that I think about it the English-dub announcers for Iron Chef would be entirely appropriate for SFV.

I played a good F.A.N.G. last night and I find it hard to get past his Nishikyu. It’s difficult to gain ground by bulldogging forward as he can fire them off in such rapid succession. Am I missing something here?

On a side note, I had a draw game with this guy with both rounds ending in a double KO. Has that ever happened to anyone else?