Matchup Thread -- F.A.N.G

Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what F.A.N.G players think about the Laura matchup : We need to wait for a thread to be created

F.A.N.G Frame data (when available) : Here


When he does that stupid shit where he throws the slow forward fb then the two upwards ones, just eat the slow one since it doesn’t actually “hit” you, and clobber his ass.

What do you guys do against Fang? I know he’s supposed to be weak but I played one tonight that made me feel like a noob. Couldn’t get in, couldn’t press anything. Managed to win a few games with YOLO dashes and wakeup command throws but that’s obviously not a sound strategy. Mostly, I just found I never had enough meter to bust through the poison wall with ex bolt. I’m sure a lot of the problem is just unfamiliarity so any advice is welcomed! Thanks in advance!

I’ve had little success using EX Bolt to go through because I just kept wasting meter for something that didn’t give me much of anything. One thing I’ve been trying to do lately (but with so few FANG players out there it’s hard to know if it’s a valid strategy) is to save meter for EX Clap and EX Sunset Wheel exclusively while using V-Skill Dash, Light Bolt and f.HP to get in. Whenever he’s far enough away from you to throw out the Heavy Poison you can use V-Skill dash to get under and then use one of the other two options to close the remaining gap. After that you should make sure to stay on top of him because his pressure game is surprisingly strong.

Another thing I’ve had success with (but again, not that much practice) is using Sunset Wheel in general. For some reason FANG players don’t jump that much. You just have to be aware of their meter, because for some reason they love popping wake-up CA instead.

When he does his favorite poison trap/poison balls setup just sit crouching in front of the trap until it dissipates. I find fireballs pretty useful in this matchup to stop him from doing random sweeps/sotojas when you’re walking towards him.
Also remember that st. HK is only +1 on block and you can trade with your jab after that.

Probably because they don’t want to lose their charge, though I am a little surprised since FANG has some of the most badass jumpin buttons out there.

Something useful to know is that M Bolt ender’s throw animation dodges the poison balls. Train yourself to react to nishikyu with M Bolt, and if you actually land the hit, you’ll throw him and the ball will go right through you. Obv this doesn’t apply if he has ryobenda (poison gas trap) up; I haven’t gotten to try EX Sunset to see how effective that is against his nishikyu+ryobenda combo yet because FANG players are super scarce.

Oh yeah and the reason why FANG players don’t jump is that their jump is fucking floaty and has like zero range. They basically have no reason to do that other than instant overheads and suicidal tendencies.

With F.A.N.G, V-reversal is key for getting rid of the pressure once he gets in on you.

Thanks, all, for the tips!