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Haven’t played a decent sim with Alex. But on paper it seems like you can bully him when you get in.

Man watching that set between Sabin and 801Strider was painful. 10-3 for Sabin the first set, second set 801Strider RQ (actually connection seemed iffy, but lol it looked like that).

Not going to take it at full value: first or second best Sim against a week old Alex is asking a little too much. Some notes:

[] There were sometimes when Strider V-Triggered, Sabin V-Reversaled and Strider didn’t parry on reaction. That tech is probably a must for high play.
] As expected, Flying Cross Chop is difficult for Sim to AA consistently; that said, it is still a gamble that shouldn’t be abused since they can punish with a combo.
[] This is general for all characters, but quick back rise plays right into Dhalsim’s fireball vortex. And damage piles up fast.
] Never attempt to Sledge Hammer if Sim has meter. Free EX Yoga Fire for him.
[] Knee Air Smash is inconsistent against Dhalsim teleports (sigh).
] Seems that Dhalsim can’t punish a whiffed Power Bomb easily, so the move is worth abusing when close.

Just played against a Sim who got knocked down in the corner and back rolled to escape the meaty Lariat.
Wouldn’t mind but watching it back they were just mashing the hell out of PPP-Teleport and managed to get a back roll, threw me into the corner and that was that.

Something I don’t understand is stuffing Sims limbs. st.MK you have to hit above the leg and not the actual leg? I was trying to use cr.MP since, you know, that seemed to line up.
I don’t even understand the hurtbox on Divekicks and his cr.MP… After being AA’d 3 times by cr.MP I was like “Fine, do it against and I’m going to Superman Dive that limb.”, then I after it didn’t work I came here to look at the hurtbox on it. :frowning:

I spent some time in training mode a couple days ago just practicing knocking him out of far st.MK and st.HP. st.MP was the only limb I couldn’t tag

cr.LP, timed right, will stop Sims st.MK and st.HP. If you are really good at hit confirming, you might be able to cancel into LK or MK Elbow to help move forward.

st.HP did ok against st.MK as well.

So Sim’s wakeup teleport is vulnerable to throw on startup (frames 1-3)

This is a pain in the fucking ass to get consistently right now

In the meantime here are some hard reads for those annoying, stupid ass Sim players abusing teleport on wakeup

If you suspect the back teleport after a powerbomb or forward throw here’s what you do

Dash forward twice

>here’s your 50/50
Our best option here:
If Sim mashes to escape you can catch him with stMP exFC for the stun, you then do V-skill stHK HP Powerbomb for the kill
The powerbomb + plus the combo you get off the teleport read + the mpEX.FC - WILL STUN & KILL DHALSIM.

Sim’s best option here
If Sim decides to eat the ex powerbomb - he lives, but he’s still a LP/LK away from stun and his death.

The easier alternative to the above - HP Stun gun Headbutt.

Why commit to a hard read? If you land a Powerbomb, you can stop wake-up mashing with s.HK like any other character, but if he teleports on wake-up instead, just hit him with H Elbow after the s.HK whiffs. You have plenty of time to charge the Elbow and confirm the wake-up tele. His tele has so much recovery that it’s a free H Elbow for you.

To stay on top of him after H Elbow:
[] Against normal tech: immediately start charging again and whiff an L Elbow. 50/50 time.
] Against back tech: the SOFT read would be charging and whiffing an L Elbow just like against normal techs, but if he back techs instead, you’re out of range for a 50/50. So instead, meaty with s.HK which puts you into the same post-Powerbomb situation. The HARD read would be immediately empty jumping after the H Elbow. Now you’re in 50/50 position again.

For damage/kill after the H Elbow, link into either EX Chop or CA.

You can punish instant jump back jab with either mk or hk slash. Might be able to cancel into super, didnt get a chance to test it yet.

I’ll put this video here. At least it has good entertainment value:

Surprisingly close. It may be that either Combo bribed FChamp to cooperate so Alex wouldn’t look like a chump or Fchamp figured out that steamrolling Combofiend would guarantee Dhalsim nerfs in the future. That said, I like Combo plan here: few risks, not ever holding meter for super, using Reversals aggresively although also going for some sweet parries. Jab, jab xx Ex Flash Chop did plenty of work here.

So do we deal with dhalsim abusing float at mid screen? His fierce seems to out range anything alex can throw at him and knee is too narrow to catch im out when he’s floating around. I just played some sets against a sim and he beat me handily off of the back of abusing float. It’s a gimmick but I haven’t figured out how to deal with it at all.

My attempted answer at that is usually jump forward Superman Dive. Highly punishable but throws off their timing and I find it makes them stop it.

I have a tone of experience with sim a guy that goes to my locals and I play a lot what I normally do about this is use st.jab anti-air as he’s coming down with fierce if you do it kinda early it beats it clean