Matchup Thread -- Dhalsim

Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what Dhalsim players think about the Laura matchup : [Laura matchup thread](Matchup vs Laura

Dhalsim Frame data (when available) : Here


You can completely blow up Dhalsim if he teleports on wakeup with a slight walk forward followed by 6HP. Also, EX Grab after forward throw, H Bolt, and Bolt K followup will grab Dhalsim before he becomes throw invincible with the teleport (if he quickrises)

Teleport is not throw invencible, so use back throw a lot

Anyone got frame data on Dhalsim’s Drill Kick and Yoga Gale (Air Yogaire). It has no recovery at all.
It feels broken, as I can’t do anything but block.

Anyone got frame data on the Drill Kick & Yoga Gale?
They all seem to be + on block.

Drill :
12f startup
active until landing
6f landing

Yoga Gale :
17f startup
active 14/16/18/20 (from L to EX)
3f landing

Drill is + on block if it hits you low enough. A lot of online sims like to get up close and do cr lp, cr lp, drill, repeat until they get a hit so they can go into EX flame.
I usually try to jab them out of the air and dash to keep the momentum

Sorry forgot to say that Drill is
6 7 and 8 on block and 9 10 10 on hit.

It sucks that most of laura’s other knock downs leave her too far to catch quick rise teleport.

How do you approach him at neutral? I’m really lost with this match up and the lack of dhalsim online makes it even worse

^very carefully placed claps and walk forward, all the while watching for teleport and slide. If you notice a pattern, you can actually predict his normals and counter them with your own. I’ve even gotten full screen sweeps before (not easy at all, but it is an option). Jumping is risky, but jump HP > jump MK in my experience as it connects or trades with his anti-airs more often. Hoard your meter because ex bolt is your best friend in this match. Initially, I thought Laura had the advantage here but after playing much better Sims I’m thinking it’s a slight 6-4 for Sim.
(if the timer doesn’t work, go at 27:51)

Mike’s approach to the match up is rather interesting. Instead of rushing sim like a madman, he plays almost full screen until he finds an opening.
Lots of v reversals on yoga flame, especially when he has corner advantage. After that he throws always a meaty fireball which combos with jab on hit (and is apparently plus on block).

At 43:40 he fights another dhalsim. In this match he jumps over an EX fireball with an early j lk and cleanly beats sim’s cr mp

I think this matchup is freeeeeeeee. You have to try @Mienaikage 's tech of f.HP on wakeup, if Sim teleports away you can do another f.HP x HP x HP bolt for massive damage. Once you hit him with that once or twice, he can’t teleport away. You can go into free 50/50s and kill him quick. (Also @Mienaikage 's EX grab tech is great too)

If you need to close ground, as soon as you seem him fireball you can V-skill dash and overhead him. You can also do this when he V-skills above the ground, often for a counter hit and juggle and mixup. You can forward V-skill dash / Overhead a lot of stuff you see him do in fact, get some practice with it if you can. Can’t get too predictable of course but you don’t need to use it more than once a round to win, if that.

V-reversal also destroys his pressure game and gives you free pressure too.

I love this matchup!

Yeah, I feel like Dhalsim got a bit overrated early on because everything he does is safe. I managed to beat a Gold Rank Level 47 Dhalsim with Gief yesterday so I’m pretty sure I can do it with Laura now, too, when I run into another. (Un?)fortunately, he seems to be rather unpopular online.

How are you guys punishing his wake up Critical Art?
It seems like he can control the distance of the Critical Art to land it right beside him.
So if I press any buttons before it lands, I get hit eventually.

Do I have to just block it?

Crouch beneath him for a short time until the fireball is up and then do a combo that moves you forward (for example Twist Barrage into whatever you like). If he’s in the corner just do HP into MP Bolt Charge with Punch follow-up because Laura’s in animation for the follow-up and therefore totally invincible until after the move is complete. If he has very little life left, go for EX Sunset Wheel which is fireball invincible anyway to there’s no risk at all. Just make sure you predict it correctly because it’s really fast and will hit you if you try to meaty him on wake-up, even with light buttons.

Thanks will test in training!

Scratch that bit with the corner – doesn’t work if he uses the light version. Need to do raw Medium Bolt in that scenario, doesn’t matter which ender you choose though.

Thanks, I was wondering how to do this today after eating one too many wakeup CAs.

This matchup seems hard, especially without meter. It was hard before but I think his limbs being +1 means it’s a little harder to block one of his limbs and EX Bolt right after in expectation of him throwing another one out. This works a lot of the time, but you have to have a decent read on the Sim since they can just not throw a second limb out, it can get pretty tense. If you do land it though, then you’re in and he doesn’t have much wakeup options, so keeping the pressure going isn’t that bad.

I found that 5HP is generally just a little too slow to punish limbs (though it will CC Sim if he tries any limbs other than 2HP as an opening gambit!), but that 5MK does a decent job of punishing the high profile ones. 2HP might work against low profile as well but 1. haven’t tested it and 2. it’s slow.

Also, Dhalsim is just weird in terms of how to frametrap him. Stuff like 5MP > 2MP as a blockstring doesn’t work too well, but “punishing” his yoga flames with 2HP works remarkably well, I get a CH with that a lot of the time. I think it’s because yoga flame has weirdly large pushback and most people can’t punish it, and they get confident.