Matchup thread - chun-li

Yes sir!

do not jump on a chun on wake up if they have a bar

She already has pretty good AA (anti air) without v-trigger. If she has v-trigger activated, her AA can send you to juggle state and combo into big damage. So you probably should jump less.

Best strategy vs chun is raging out :slight_smile:

There are 3 characters in this game where my current strategy is “DON’T LET THEM ACTIVATE V-TRIGGER WHATEVER YOU DO!” and Chun-Li is one of them.

It’s a two bar v-trigger and she can cancel into it from pokes. You cannot stop it, just have to respect it when active.

Well sure, if she does activate I just try to keep away and be passive as much as I can. It’s just that scary to me.

to stop air rapid kicks use cr. MP or lariat
also, cr. MP wins against her and st. hp if spaced correctly.

PUNISH ex legs if you have super
PUNISH overhead kick with super too

So I’ve been struggling a lot against Chun-Li lately. She usually zones me with kikokens and when I try to jump in she can AA with most of her normals.
What is the best way to get closer to her?

Punish ex spinning leg -12 with cc hk.
ex hyakuretsukyaku is -2.
ex kidoken is +1.

heres an update against season 2 chun:

air legs got nerfed so its easier to consistently hit her in the air with jab, 2mp and lariat
if you just block it try spd, super or jab, since its -2 you will win the challenge if she presses a button
HK version is 0 on block but its so slow now that you can easily hit her in the air.

stand hp is -5 you can punish it with ex spd !!!

her AA stand lk is still good but now zangief has a chance to trade with it at least

kikoken has more recovery so its a lot easier to punish with lariat and vtrigger mid screen

overall this matchup is easier now but by no means its free you have to play solid and patient