Matchup thread - cammy

Slam the cam.

most cammy users has a habit of throwing twice when in a footsie battle when you block the first one do a s.hp possible crush counter

Her V-reversal on block is -8.

Aah, good ol’ Zangief vs. Cammy matchup. In SFIV, Cammy had to play very conservative and careful game to beat Gief, otherwise she gets rekt really fast. Concept is also very similar here in SFV.

The footsie game:
Again, jabs are your friend. Once you get to your jab range, Cammy cant press anything. The russian iron wall of cr.jab denies her slower buttons. So, Cammy obviously doesnt want to stay there. She has rediculously fast walkspeed, she can dance around you like Ali in his boxing prime. Her standing mk and are very strong buttons, BUT doesnt lead to much (no special cancel) and xx spiral arrow range is telegraphed, you should be able to space yourself accordingly. Your win condition is either to “jabwalk” (jabwalk is my favorite term to describe SFV Gief as whole) her to corner OR annoy Cammy enough she does something stupid and kills herself. Like in general, standing mk and standing hk are good buttons also in neutral. Standin hk is bit more spefific, i might write breakdown on that normal in future.
Diivekick…oh wait:
Standing jab. Praise the standing jab.
It AA’s Cammy clean of her normal jumpings, divekicks, random hooligans and even EX-divekicks if your reactions are fast. Once you land AA jab, you get 50/50 meaty/SPD mixup. If Cammy mashes DP and you read it, thats over third of her life. If it hits, thats only over hundred damage to you. Cammys stamina and stun are 900 so she cant really yolo on you, she just takes too much punishment.

I was forced to block EX-divekick, what now?
Respect those godlike medium buttons. You dont want to mash jab, just block. Cammys throw is not that scary anymore, its not “Setup Fighter IV” anymore. V-reversal out if necessary and start your offence from there. Learn what meaties Cammy can do from throws and deny the gimmicky meaties by doing almighty wakeup jab.

Random notes:
Just jab/SPD her out of her V-Skill before it connects, dont let her gimmick with that.
V-Trigger is used to either pop it right away so you can confirm from your jabs/meaty spin after SPD.
Its okay to jump at Cammy sometimes to keep her honest, just dont go full dump.
If Cammy is playing on autopilot buttons-rushdown-yolo mode, just let her kill herself.
Player MU is important to know.

Closing words:
Rather simple MU. Not a lot of complex stuff, just pretty basic play here. I dont have Cammy in my offline scene, so these tips dont necessarily are bullet-proof. Share your in-depth tips if you have more Cammy experience than me. See ya online and in next breakdown!

The blocking startup of s.hp is just 3F
Perfect to block her <ex>dive kick :slight_smile:
The blocking startup of exrbg is 3f too
May works also but not yet tried

Personally, I think this mu sux for Gief. I get blown up bad when I play good Cammys online. Once she starts up it just ends so quickly and her ex.divekick is just retarded. Completely braindead character imo but maybe I just suck.

I’ll throw this out there, though it may seem to be unorthodox. Don’t do fast getup all the time. A lot of these cammy players are on autopilot and they’ll commit to some crazy stuff on the assumption that you’ll be quickrising.

This is good SFV advice in general.