Matchup Thread -- Cammy

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How do we punish her DP?

St. HK + combo of choice

So pretty much the universal strategy against cammy is to block everything and tech throws. She can also be jabbed out of dive kicks. That alone gets you pretty far in this MU. Don’t have anything else though

Yeah, the strongest asset vs. Cammy is solid defence and nullifying as many of her offensive options as possible. Luckily we can screw her over with her divekicks and once that’s been shut down all she has left are her crappy tools - hooligan, v-skill and jumps.

We can just jab her out of all of those as well or worse. And once she’s forced to start walking up to you, you win.

IMO this is his second toughest match-up, it requires you to have TOO MUCH defensive capability, you’re on defence like 65% of the time.

Fun stuff: while your vt is activated you can parry punish divekicks w st.fp or f.fp if you have a vskill stocked for massive damage. Cammy trigger divekicks are 3 hits, so it has to be parried 3 times before your punish.

Her spiral arrow v trigger has 5 hits, but is distance dependent far away hits 4 3 times
You cant really react to this, but if you happen to parry first hit better parry 5 times, if parry too much you and her will be safe and she will be out of v meter

u just got to in on her and keep her out by using st mk and st hk.

Season 2 jabs are nerfed. How do you fight this character now??

This match got so much harder in S2 it’s stupid. The best thing you can do is do your best to beat her on the ground before she realises that she can just jump on you all day.

you have to smother her, she can’t mash out unless she has bar now so you have to be consistent with meaties.

I have all but given up attempting to anti-air this character.

It is a losing battle.

It’s a damn shame how they did alex in season 2, a damn shame. I don’t even have hope for season 3 really

I haven’t posted in so long, I forgot how to reply. I hope I am doing this right. Anyways, I hope the make his stomps hit people out of the air. That is at least 1 change I hope they make.

I feel you guys on the anti air shit. I get lucky once in a while with ex air grab move, but its rare.

I think of all of Alex’s bad match ups from Season 1 I think cammy is the one that got even harder by the largest margin, it was already a pain in the ass to AA her and now without jab it’s even harder.