Matchup Thread -- Cammy

Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what Cammy players think about the Laura matchup : [Laura matchup thread](Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Laura

Cammy Frame data (when available) : Here


I dont understand what the fuck am I suppose to do during this matchup? She got a meterless reversal that lands funny relative to Laura and shuts down half of Laura’s options, her pressure is insane and we all know how Laura puts up with it, and its hard to try to actually catch/punish her because Laura’s normals are too short and she can fuck up Laura’s dash.

It could just be online conditions that is messing everything up but this matchup is making me tear my hair out. Its like you can give a dog your controller to chew on while playing Cammy and Laura still wouldnt be able to do anything about it.

Her normals are just so much better than yours and her tick throw mix up can be deadly. It’s a bad matchups for sure. I also hate that cannon spike can land in different positions depending on where it hits so you can’t always make the most of a crush counter when you block it.

Bad matchup for Laura. I also have no idea how to approach this matchup.

Well, the good news is that you can throw out well placed claps in this match which can shut down air and regular drills at the right distance. The other good news is that her specials are mostly punishable. With cannon spike, unless it’s absolutely point blank I punish with St HK (CC) into Mp bolt. It might not always be max damage but it’s guaranteed for every version and for every distance. Basically, when you get a knockdown you have to just go for it and test out if she likes to cannon spike. I find that the silver level cammy’s like to press buttons on wake up, but the better plays will block well and train you to forget about DP until you’re desperate for damage and low on life and then they wake up DP just which is very demoralizing lol. Test their anti air reactions. If they’re fast with DP, or good with crHp, you’re screwed and basically want to avoid jumping. Cammy can totally lame you out in this match though with just her normals. It’s like Karen except she has no high/low mix up in exchange for a non metered reversal and better tick throws. Not impossible but not in our favor if you ask me.

Honestly I think it’s an even match up. Cammy has good frame traps, fast walk speed, and long reaching normals, but she also has the lowest health and stun in the game. If you get a knockdown and guess correctly on her wakeup, she will be stunned or close to it.
You can walk forward after you’ve blocked her DP and punish with st hp xx mp clap CC combo

Edit: also, you can interrupt her st mp, cr mp, cr mk frame trap after the cr mp using st lk xx lp(EX) elbow

It’s not remotely even. If Cammy knocks you down it’s 9-1 in her favour, if you knock her down it’s 5-5 because of DP threat. And chances of you knocking her down are questionably slim because she beats you in the neutral game pretty hard. The only thing going for Laura in this matchup is Cammy’s low health meaning you can hurt her pretty badly when you manage to land a punish.

I’m really counting the days until Juri’s release so I can send Laura back to the shelf. Heck I played Hakan in SFIV and it felt like I had a better fighting chance against the rest of the roster then here with Laura.

Geez 9-1 if she knocks you down? I might have to double check, but I’m pretty sure she gets a meaty setup only if she ends a combo with spiral arrow

Well, that might have been a slight exaggeration as I lost pretty badly to a Cammy twice before writing but I feel like Cammy (and Ryu to an extent) is that one character who can really exploit Laura’s awful wakeup options. And by options I mean block. Cammy has literally nothing to fear when Laura’s on the ground so she can go ham with all her great buttons and mix in a throw or two when she realizes you can#t d anything other than block in that scenario.

I dunno, maybe I’m missing something but it feels almost as bad as Chun at this point. In fact, the only reason I don’t think it’s as bad as the Chun matchup is the potential for devastating punishes. But those are situational and become rarer the better your opponent is.

I played Hakan too! I don’t think Cammy’s bad at all. Her oki game is pretty weak out of the corner, just let her throw you then quick rise and you’re out. If you block one DP of hers it should be game over for her top. And claps work great against her, I use a lot of EX claps. And your HP bolts work really well against air spikes when you anticipate them, which isn’t very hard because what else is she going to do?

I like this matchup, it’s fun and solid. Definite 5-5 IMO. If you’re struggling I think you just need more practice blocking.

Blocking only gets you that far because of White Damage and throws. Heavy Bolt is somewhat unreliable but yeah, for telegraphed air moves it works pretty well. Rarely use EX Clap outside of combos, might have to give that one a try.

I recently watched RB vs. Kazunoko from Stunfest. RB was using Alex but I feel like Alex and Laura share the same weaknesses in their defense so I tried to analyze what he was doing. Didn’t V-Reversal at all (just like me), barely ant-aired (just like me) and went for throw techs as reads and not as reactions in a few instances (just like me). While I most definitely don’t want o put myself on the same level as him (I’m a slightly better scrub with 3000LP) I couldn’t find some really helpful stuff.

Yeah, that’s great. Happened to me a while ago as well. We both just froze for a second afterwards because we couldn’t believe what just happened.

Can someone tell me how i can punish her hooligan combonation? I tend to loose easily when someone spams it n im lowlvl.