Matchup thread - alex

Hyper what?!

I have not tested in the lab but let’s say he activated v-trigger and parried your jump-in attack. If you immediately do EX SPD or CA after landing, you will catch him. Worked 100% time for me.

I have not tested in lab to see what options he has. But who would do a neutral jump after a successful parry? Most of people will just do a command grab.

try to jump after they hit you with a chop alex players has this habit of following it up with a POWABAAAMMM

Chop isn’t plus on block, they should never get away with doing anything like Power Bomb.

power bomb is not a guarantee but it is the common option after a chop kind of like a tick throw

Chop is negative on block, that means you have advantage to jab him out of anything he does. His turn ends when he does it on block, don’t allow him to keep going.

Once he does chop, hit buttons. Or punish it if you have CA.

im talking about if it hits

he is at +2 or 3 if it hits depending on which one. You have to guess.

thats what im saying…best option is to jump

I think it’s a legit mixup because if you jump you may be hit by mp+chop. Most of Alex will try hit you first, condition you to be afraid of being hit then start to command grab you. Which is why I think Alex is a bit better than Gief because his hit confirms are actually pretty scary and have legit follow ups.


Alex is complete Gief is not.

Upon playing alot of this matchup this week all I can say is…walk back, Walk back, WALK BACK.This is one of the few matchups we Zangief can actually lame someone out. All of Alex’s moves( the slash, and jump command grab) to press him forward can be neutral jumped and punished. When you see him get frustrated and start dashing, check him with cr.lp, with st.hp mixed in. And taking a page from ryu’s book, when you conditioned him to your lame play , pepper in some dash/walk up throw or spds when he gets close. If Alex is simply staying back, take some time to whiff spds to build meter. Someone will have to go in but, he has more to lose waiting than we do.

so you caught an elbow slash with a vskill…SPD TIME!

I cannot beat this character at all. Just his neutral and combos are enough to destroy Zangief. Powerbomb is only an afterthought.
If anyone knows how to actually beat him let me know because he really craps all over Zangief in the neutral game.

I agree I think Alex just destroys Gief pretty badly. My mu knowledge is almost zero on Alex but every time I play one it just feels awful. His pokes reach way farther and he obviously has way more options than we do. That slash or elbow is just such a pain to deal with. His st.fierce is a joke and st.jab aa is an even bigger joke.

In my feeling, Gief is 6:4 Alex, as Alex is a suck and worse character than Gief
Iron body stops his down up kick, elbow & S.HK
clp can punish his S.HK
clp & beats his

Alex cant do anything specially counter gief

It seem like his f.hp lariat move leads to a true 50/50 on block. It is plus three and he can either use it as a tick to command grab or as a frame trap to his mediums xx slash. Advice vs Alex lariat?

Only solution I can think is super. I’ve flexed them before but and have gotten and SPD but I think it has more to do with them hesitating tbh.

Same as mika vreversal that shit.

You can stock super as a tool to punish his slash cancels, leading to 400 damage anytime you block a mp xx slash. Also, you can reversal st.fp to absorb the mp and release it to punish the recovery or crush counter the cancel. Anything to make him more reliant on landing a command grab is a good thing imo, since his follow-ups aren’t great and he can lose a lot of hp on a whiffed grab just like anybody else.

Back-dashing works pretty well too, since you either avoid the command grab or get air reset by the mp during the recovery of the slash and can punish.