Matchup Thread -- Alex

Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what Alex players think about the Laura matchup : [Laura matchup thread](Matchup Thread -- Laura

Alex Frame data (when available) : Here

Finding his neutral game and footsies very annoying. Maybe it’s my lack of patience, but his range and speed really piss me off. Trying to stay close enough to stop it is dangerous since his command grab comes out pretty quick.

All his qcf p are -4 on block
So if at range, you can xx qcf lp or ex and start offense
He got ex elbow with armor
And his ex stomp has projectile immunity on frame 3 onward
So be careful with non meaty fireballs
No 3 frame jab
But I’m pretty sure hos ex grab is throw invencible, need to test because nobody said that as far as I know
His qcf lp is +2 on hit
Same with st.lp
So if tries command grab 6 frames startup or 6 frames startup after qcf lp you can jab
Be careful because he can start using his jabs after it
When he v triggers, better not try anything but a grab, his parry is much easier to use than Ryu, he can parry into command grab jab hit confirm CA
Overall keep distance of command grab and try punish his mistakes, most of his moves are unsafe

Wait, which is it, -4 or +2? Actually my understanding is that all the non ex ones are -4 (which is CA punishable by the way, I know it should go with out saying but I see people forget they can punish with her CA so much it makes me wonder if people forget how fast it is). The ex is -2 to so thats not what you were referring to either.

His slash elbows at best -3, so that aint it. Maybe his ex air stomps, thats +2 on guard, while all his non-ex air stomps are -5?

Anyway, thats not really important. To your question about ex grab being throw invincible, I just did some tests, set alex to ex throw on guard, did a ex clap to get advantage, then did a sunsetwheel, and sunsetwheel won as it should, so his ex power bomb does indeed NOT have any throw invincible properties. Still, good to know, as that would have made this fight a lot harder.

Another thing I’d mention about him, his v skill is 55 frames long and as far as I know can’t be cancelled mid way, meaning if he tries to do it when your in mp.bolt range, put that fool on the ground. heck, if he’s not in mp.bolt range, dash into it and mp.bolt, it’s recovery is that bad. Much like Birdies, I feel its a v-skill that can be useful for him in a lot of match ups, but Laura’s isn’t one of them because of her bolts.

As to his v trigger, it can never hit you faster then 20 frames, and can never complete faster then 23 frames (if he just taps it for the parry), so if he tries it at sunset wheel range, throw him on reaction. Its also worth noting that the parry takes 2 frames to start up, which doesn’t sounds like much, but it means he can’t parry meaties on wake up, so pressure away on knock downs with meaty opportunties even if he’s triggered.

My last observation thus far is that he has a some what lack luster anti-air game, his anti-air buttons seem to have lack luster hit/hurt boxes and or tons of start up, and his dp move functions similar to laura’s but doesn’t seem to have any upper body invincibility (even the ex) so it trades way more then you’d expect for a dedicated anti-air only special, and if it trades it only does 10 damage, all of the damage is in the built in throw after clean hit, so any trade in the air against it will be in your favor. I’m finding most of the time Alex have to predict my jump in to punish it, on reaction its often to late for him to do better then trade with me at Laura’s advantage.

Anyway, just some of my findings on Day 3 Alex.

-4 on block
+2 on hit sorry

@meianoite666 Did you make the other hitbox images yourself ? Is it possible to also have one here ? I don’t have the PC version of SFV so I can’t make it myself :frowning:

I don’t have pc version too , this is what I have so far
I will try add pics later

I am making notebooks with all data (frames data from the official guide, hitbox etc) and I add how to punish what with Laura, how to play against a character and other things.
Thanks for the video :slight_smile: I will be able to use that to get the images I want :smiley:

I am surprise because his range is pretty bad for the specials, which is really not what you see in the animation. I guess you could jab him out of elbow slash before it hits you :smiley:

No pro but I’d like to contribute… his lack of AA (or good AA) is his main weakness. His standing jab will snuff out regular jump ins (as well-timed a low fierce, but he will get you here only if you are projecting pretty badly).

He is really susceptible to cross-ups, so if you get him proceed to punish, if not be ready to throw, command-throw, or throw some jabs.

I find playing keepaway with sparks to be the easiest way to break apart an Alex; they’ll tend to react with their charged jump ins and try to confuse you, but they’re so easily knocked out of the air that I welcome the attempt. The only real issue I have is getting into V-reversal throwing matches, which is just funny and now really a problem. They also tend to like that dash in meaty kick (Fk?) which is easily read and blocked; depending on range you can go into a CC or to whatever combo what you want to set up mix ups.

What if people play Alex like Gief? Alex’s cr mp is pretty much gief’s jab in this match up and if you try to jump in, Alex can just st jab.

His pokes have range for days and his lp elbow leaves him far away enough that you can’t punish. It is tough, but what I’ve been doing with mixed results against a defensive Alex is clap, clap clap until I have meter and catching a whiffed poke with an anticipatory ex elbow. He doesn’t have a 3 frame normal and his ex elbow is like yours, so…once you get the knock down stay in and do your stuff.

I’ve said it before but f#&$ anti-air jabs! I know most people will say “stop jumping, noob” but you should be able to jump occasionally in street fighter lol.

I agree @Tiers4Fears that anti-air jabs are dumb. Necalli’s is the worst…

I find Alex is pretty easy to deal with if I alternate claps and neutral jumps at a safe range. He can’t close in, he’ll either run into the clap or if he tries to stomp or headbutt during my neutral jump I get a massive punish. Then he’s free on wakeup.

Alex isn’t free overall of course, his pressure game and pokes are too solid for that, but I like the matchup because I think that Laura starts out with the advantage and Alex has to climb uphill from there, if you make him. Just make him play to Laura’s strengths and it’s fine. Personally I think it’s 6-4 Laura right now but that could change as Alex’s improve and learn the matchup better.

I dunno, I feel like Alex has a slight advantage here. He has superior pokes and way better anti-air options. And just like Laura he gets an armored move when he has meter so you need to be careful when throwing out slow normals or Claps. And while I’m not sure on this, I think his Command Throws have slightly better range.

However, just like Laura, he’s free after a knockdown and fortunately for Laura, pressure is what she does best. One odd thing to note though is that Alex players are for some reason rather trigger happy with wake-up CAs. It’s funny because in this game that sort of behavior feels character-locked (FANG being the other one because it’s sometimes hard to punish). So yeah, be careful when he’s fully loaded and wants to go full blast at Laura.

Jesus his normals are annoying. How the hell does that shit reach that far makes no sense.

to punish his lk elbow, cr mp sequence you can vskill back xx lp/mp elbow after you blocked his elbow

Is this guy a character in the game? I mean I have him character selection screen, but I’ve never met one.

Surprisingly, I still run into a few Alex players. The ones that have mastered his v trigger are really scary!