Matchup thread - Akuma

Since there is no thread, I’ll open it.

Here is a nice piece of tech, courtesy of vryu

Maybe its just me but is anyone else having lag spikes all the time when facing anyone playing Akuma?

It definitely feels that way but I’ve been hesitant to say for sure. Hit/block stun on his normals always feels a little off and I’ve also read reports that his stage is laggy.

I have a question, do you guys even bother trying to anti air him? It’s such a guess. Hp bolt eats many of his options but air fireball blows that up unless you predict it.

If he goes for the demon flip (non VT) I try to react with hp bolt all the time. If it’s a regular jump/demon flip (during vtrigger) it’s better to vskill forward or dash under him to punish his recovery

It’s one of the few matchups where I think HP Bolt is a pretty good AA. If he’s going for demon flip shenanigans after block strings you can always catch him with it (it can whiff sometimes but you’ll be safe anyway). And if he does a regular jump into air-fireball you can either beat it before it comes out or trade with the fireball which is a win for Laura, too.

how do you punish his combos that end in fireball? say I don’t have meter to EX bolt at him, I always find myself too far after blocking them and if I try to get closer they always do a quick light crouching, tried to use overhead too bu is too slow

You mean like a cr mp, cr mp, st mp xx fireball blockstring? If yes, you can’t punish it because he’s too far away. If he uses another normal to cancel into fireball other than st mp, you can ex command grab through the frame gap. Risky option though

Well if I have meter shouldn’t I go for ex bolt? but the point is what if I don’t have meter?

Also new question, how much time does he have to react after being grounded to go into EX shoryuken? I’ve been hit by a lot of those while trying to pressure and when I tried to bait for it and block they never used it, and trust me I’m not playing VS high level players

His cr mk xx fireball is not a true blockstring, there is a frame gap between the two moves. If you go for the ex elbow, you may lose because the armour has not kicked in yet.
The amount of time they have to react depends on the knockdown, especially if they don’t quick rise. It’s not much though…I think you just guessed wrong or you are being too predictable with your setups