Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Cody

The hard working old man vs. the lazy young guy! GO!

I’ve been seeing alot of Cody’s online recently.

I find myself trying to keep him at a distance. Which can be difficult with his slide under fireballs.
Anti Air jump ins,

Watch for his frame traps with that walk forward punch…kongo med style.

His wakeup still sucks. Best wakeup move is his invincible ex charged punch. Flip in divekick with OS EX flip takes care of it handily.

Stapcriss, best euro gouken player : Really good spacing :


I watched some of that stapcriss guy’s games recently. His use of the jab normals is amazing. I’d love to have as good a spacing knowledge at those jab ranges like he does. As it stands I almost never use . Perhaps it is a good alternative against characters against whom using as a poke is not suitable due to their low pokes. I’m thinking of the cr mks of ryu ken, and characters who use safish slides. Like rose, dj… cody.

men that guy knows some stuff that we dont…and uses OS too

Some tech:

Cr. hp completely stuffs his st.HK and also beats his f+HK.

all his tornadoes are at least -6, but pushback make it harder to punish.

his ex slide is-1000. bait it, block low and rape his life bar.

Criminal upper (tornadoes) are -5, -8, -10 and -11 for EX on block. Ex.slide is -11.

thanks for the correction!

I learned a lot about spacing with that guy. Keep the fucker in that sweetspot and punish him for trying to get out of there.

In that second video in 1:31… did he do an OS Ultra I?

Yes. Cody has a terrible crap backdash. It is worse then ours I believe or the same.

Anyone got additional advice regarding this matchup? I find it tough to keep Cody out when they can just keep sliding under fireballs. A well spaced ex ruffian closes the gap quite easily as well and can be safe in block.

I don’t have any Cody specific advice for you on the Ruffian Kick, but if someone is making reads on your fireballs you should be charging to vary speeds or using medium punch as a head fake from time to time. Also, mix in neutral jump fierce to keep him honest with safe on block moves.

I think my biggest challenge is not going auto crouch tech on wake-up against his ex zonk punch (which will frame trap your crouch tech and light you up).

Charging the fireball doesn’t change the speed, afaik. Medium punch doesn’t really work well in my experience unless they’re trying to hit you with U2 and it doesn’t really accomplish anything…they’ll be sliding forward regardless.

The charging is to change when the fireball is released, when you have players moving through fireballs they don’t necessarily have projectile invincibility for the full duration of the movie (i.e. Gouken’s Palm) so changing when the projectile is released can throw them off. Based on the move description from the Beginner’s Guide in the Cody form, only the start up has projectile invincibility so you could bait the slide, release the fireball after start-up, and still get a hit.

The medium punch is because the animation is very similar to a fireball and should bait out the slide. You mentioned that we’re talking a safe distance, in this case you’ll eat the chip, but he loses the bar, seems like a good trade from my perspective.

I was referring to the regular slide( Doesnt seem like I can do much against that. Sorry about that

If he is sliding forward and you have recovered from your fake-out mp, you sweep his ass and then do your best to keep him on the floor until the round is over. Cody is very good at frame traps and destroying crouch techs but not so good at closing the gap without being unsafe. Your kongo and divekick are superior to much of anything he has when used correctly. If you are playing just to zone him out, you are playing this match up wrong. You need to bait him to jump or slide in. When he does and you are ready for it, you punish him and knock him down. During his blockstrings he will throw out his very good which moves forward and keeps you locked down…but you have a 1 frame special that blows up that move and it works very well. When he is in attack mode and starts getting too far away, try to mp. kongo him because he will probably try to use his mp to get close again. Most important is to watch his patterns. How does he keep his pressure up? With his ruffian kicks? Zonk punch? Blockstrings? There’s an answer to nearly everything Cody does and it usually is a kongo or an ex tatsu. His ex zonk punch is his best weapon imho. If you can tell that he’s going to do it, neutral jump and put him on the ground. Dive kick him and play mind games on his wake up…and sweep his criminal ass a thousand times.

Use lp.kongo…even if he is too far away for it to hit him, throw out lp.kongo a few times after some hadokens. If he is a smart player, he will recognize that sliding in is a trap for him. He might then resort to ex ruffian (the low one), which you can neutral jump and do a max punish on the way down. Whiff a standing mp and then neutral jump. He might just come right to you.

Also, divekick grab is really good in this match up but don’t be predictable.

I disagree…I think Cody can close the gap quite easily with no risk. I play with a good Cody regularly and he has no problems getting in. He’ll use the slide until he’s at a good range. Probably the same range where it’s not a good idea to whiff counters. Ex zonk is definitely his best tool. I don’t think gouken can do anything against a meaty ex zonk.

I do tend to be more conservative in this matchup so that may be why I have some trouble. Might have to consider being more aggressive. What do you guys think this match up is? Seems like 6-4 cody imo