Matches of myself and my friends



These are some of the 100 matches my friends and I had on Saturday night.
Feel free to critique and provide advice for all players. I’m on 2p side in these. Thanks and enjoy.

Well, all I can say is:

  1. Your friend jump in a lot. As a K-groover, he can either 1) Hit you or 2) prepare a JD. Try to anticipate when he’s preparing for JD and punish him. Either that or use another form of anti air (eg. something like the 2nd vid, 1st match, the last hit vs Rugal with Blanka). It could totally throw a K-groove off if your anti came in late/early.

  2. Imho, you are playing with too much risk against a raged K-groover. He has a timer, you don’t. Play safe. Like the match against Ryu and the match against Haohmaru AND the match against…er…there’s one more I can’t remember.

For your friends, well all I could say is:

  1. Use small jump
  2. Don’t juump in too much
  3. Practice your BnBs

I liked the way you play your morrigan in the 2nd vid.

Haohmaru did a nice chop there btw :stuck_out_tongue:

console ftw!!!

click click click click click click click click BOMP!!!

-don’t let him jump over and over like that, if you’re afraid of JD, AA with something safe (ground normal), and keep antiairing him

-tighten up your game a bit, you leave yourself a little open sometimes, like, don’t lightning when bison has a level 3 (how he botched up wake up super eludes me…), don’t super jump at a guy out of nowhere in N groove, don’t poke with c mp with blanka =P, flying to the top of the screen with morrigan, etc

-a lot of times the match seems to get kinda sloppy, meaning neither of your are really controlling the space very well

-…roll dp? cmon =P

-second hit of deadly flowers is very punishable

-you really need to stop meatying raged guys…

-your friend is super jumping all over the place! hit him!

-vice’s shoulder is very punishable…your friend needs to punish more =/

-don’t do low jump lks, that’s a free throw for the other guy

in general, you just leave yourself open a lot, and for some reason, the other guy never takes advantage of it…but you seem to have the right ideas, just gotta tighten it up a little

and, stop flying so high with morrigan =P

both of you need to poke more

the other guys needs to…
-anti air
-stop super jumping all over the place =P
-hit those big openings (preferably with super)
-use his run more instead of super jumping
-low jump more
-use that meter, example, honda, when it was running low, should’ve just like tried to low jump lk -> 720, or at least random c mk -> safe chip super
-stop whiffing

the potential is there (for you more than your friend, no offense to him =P), just gotta refine your game a bit before you move on to the next level

thanks for the advice. Yea, i play with stupid tendencies very often and i eat a lot of lvl3’s as a result of it. My friend the K bison user jd’s extremely well, maybe didn’t show it in the vids but he does. So its not easy to tell what he’s trying to do once he’s in the air. But yea, i’ll try to tie up some loose ends. Thanks again fayler and bowser

here’s another match from that same set

just uploaded

Learn to back hop or cross over more with morrigan. Work on keeping them in the corner with rolento, learn some basic GC’s since their using K-. Walking jab into knife again into pogo hop close hp into scooter again and mix in some throws, rol has a decent walking speed. Work on some blanka mix ups more and when there using big characters use his standing MP it stuffs alot of shit. Also if he falls for ball in RC elec do rc elec whiff into throw, or link to super.

Edit, never roll with morrigan.

For the latest vid…the start I can’t really see what’s going on, but I do see you uuse one of those blanka moves that sorts of lands on the person…well I don’t think you should be using that move imo. A bit too risky. Maybe you accidentally pressed it? Can’t see for sure tho…

Okay I just saw your friend super into oblivion with his Honda. I know rage bar is running but throwing a super out of nowhere hoping to hit is suicide with Honda. It just goes to show how frustrated he is getting.

Morrigan vs Bison
I just tried Morrigan on my console and yeah, her roll is pretty slow. Try not to use it so often. Once again, DO NOT rush on a RAGED K-groove.

Methink you need to find more AAs with morrigan other than dp. Just my thoughts.

Morrigan vs Sagat
Looks like you handled it pretty well here. The last part when you flew over his head I can vaguely see speech bubbles with (SUPER ME!!!) all over Morrigan’s head. Of course there’s that little ‘get out of jail’ super Morrigan have :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t remember the commands for it though, but I’m pretty sure it will help you out a lot.

Sagat vs Sagat
Seems to me that your friend IS easy to frustrate. Low HP + raged = super. Tell him don’t do that…for a R2 Sagat, nothing is ever lost. There is always a chance for him to come back.

edit: Tell your friend to pick up C/A/N groove imo.

it’s bos-wer, actually…

another way to take care of air JDs is to just anti air early, or with something that has a huge timeframe to hit

I mean like, morrigan for example, and sj forward and meet him in the air with j hp, sagat has st hk, j hk, low jump hp, blanka has the often neglected vertical ball and c hp, etc

anyways, on to the new vid…

-it seems you sometimes get a roll at a bad time and bad moves (hop back ball) when you mess up RC, I’ve gotten the hop back ball a few times I messed up RC lp ball, except I got C-Chun supered for it…but the point is that regardless of how good you are at RCing, there are some moves that just aren’t neccessary to RC, and hence, you shouldn’t RC them, I think lp ball is one of them, most people won’t try to jab you out of it, and if they do, your RC invincibility has already run out by that distance, and it should only be used to travel with or antiair (the latter case you’d definitely want to RC it), for traveling, don’t RC, why put yourself at risk

-your friend should use bison’s low jump mp x2 more, it should add all sorts of pressure into stopping your morrigan fly games

-a wakeup jumpin from a K groover is the last situation you’d want to dp, there’s free jump ins to worry about, the JD, the fact that they know exactly when you’re gonna dp if you do, empty jump -> option selects, etc

-your friend really needs to dp more while you’re doing the flying stuff, if I was him, I’d reversal dp after the first low I see blocked, as most morrigan players when they see the first blocked low tends to fly up for overhead

-tell your friend if he wants to random chip super, at least cancel into it

-not that it really matters, but you could’ve counter movemented forward on the first hit of the cannon and dp’ed for a dramatic KO…don’t mind me, I’m flashy…or try to be anyways…heh, it might matter in cases where he had more health and you needed a combo into super to finish him off

Gah! Shaky hands! Next time prop the camera on a table or something.

BTW, nice to see that there are people from my hometown that play CvS2.

Again, not much more to be said than what already has been said. With Blanka keep doing j.Fierce as Antiair occasionally mixing it up with the upball. I’m supposed to be finishing my essay now so I can’t write any more. I’ll watch the rest of the vids later.

But practice antiairing.


More of the same. critique of both players is appreciated. thanks

-don’t do c lp -> c mk with guile, that’s the worst possible course of action for a point blank guile

-don’t spray guile c mk either

-learn your hit confirms, when you saw the second c lk get blocked and subsequent st lp get blocked, that’s more than ample time for you to not cancel it

-punish blocked balls with guile st hk, not backfist

-guile punish is c lp lp -> flash kick, not c lp lp mp -> sonic boom

-running c lks are very easy to punish, not very tight frames

-nice morrigan =), should do st mp to poke more, and cancel those into fireball occassionally

-sagat can do more than roll throw…he should look into what else sagat has instead of rolling in for an offense all the time

-if you’re gonna get GC’ed, counter roll out and super him back =P

-if you’re low on meter and want to throw the wire super out, do with with low jump mp (hit or not) -> point blank tripwire, citiofbrass does that a lot with his K-rolento and it seems effective

-the maki shouldn’t be playing around with random running around, yes she’s fast, but she’s not a pure flying around mixup character, instead of weird wall jump fakes, I think she should’ve just stayed put and used her ground game for a bit first, instead of her low damage high risk running slide/OH mixups


My K groovin friend Julio roughs me up in this one. He uses very little combos and gets the job done. I actually forgot that I had a full a groove bar because i was in such a state of panic

holy you got rushed down really bad

other than damage choices, your friend played pretty nicely (dizzy -> throw? =P), he presses st hp with blanka a lot, which really doesn’t cause that much GC, lights should stop his hard spam…should…

-don’t try to sj over and punish a lp ryo fireball =P getting dp’ed the exact same way twice doesn’t look that nice…

-tighten up your links and he should stop pressing hp randomly in between them

-he seems to press hp on wakeup a lot, just meaty him all day (except for rage)

-never, EVER leave the ground when a raged blanka is charged

-near the end when he goes JD berserk, you should’ve rolled/balled out of the corner first before anything, st hp is not a good blanka anti air and blanka really doesn’t have a lot of good AA options in the corner period (only RC ball and j hp), you should’ve gotten out of the corner to reduce pressure from his rush and where you have more options and more mobility (namely, KK hops, c hp from afar, dash RC elec)

-ok wait I lied, your third option in the corner was RC elec to antiair, but since we’re all mortal gaijins here without japanese blood superpowers, I’ll assume only a select few of us can instant RC elec to AA…but that would’ve solved your JDed dilenma

-nice c lk x4 link =P except the smarter thing to do was after you see 2 hit, go into st lp -> ball