Match-up Assistance Needed

I was wondering if there are any Elf players here that are able to use blanka/balrog/bison/vega/abel on an intermediate to advanced level of play? I’d like to fight and improve on these match-ups because I still have a hard time dealing with them.

Now I know some of you might say “Why don’t you go and ask in character name’s part of the forums and see if any of them would like a match?”

That’s the thing, I don’t want to JUST fight them. I want to learn. If I play against someone that knows Elf his ins and outs, not only does that create a better learning situation for me to start thinking on my feet because they know what to expect and how to counter. But also they can point out exactly what it is I should and more importantly should NOT be doing. So anyone out there wanna help a fellow Elf player out? =D

I’ll play you sometime. I main Rog and am learning Fuerte. Just send me a message on PSN anytime you see me on.

Thanks man! I’m glad someone finally responded, I was giving up hope to find anyone that is willing to help me out XD I sent you a friend request on PSN with a message so you know it’s me.

I dont think our connection would be good man. your in the netherlands

You should ask on

There are more skilled EU players on XBL, however.

@Elements, we could at least try right? =)

@BRAiNZ, bedankt voor de info man! Misschien moet ik dan maar eens een switch gaan maken x.x;