Match of the Millenium + SvC Chaos sprites request

Yes its one of those annoying sprite request topics, google is being very picky with me today. Frank still hasn’t opened the characters section of fighters gen yet and most other sites I’ve checked don’t have what im looking for.

I need the entire sprite sheet of Ken from SVC: Match of the Millenium for Neg Geo pocket colour. I know there’s a good altered sprite sheet but it needs to be 8 bit to match the chunny sheet I have. Unless somebodie’s tweaked her sheet to 16 bit in which case, please show. :slight_smile: Example here.

I also need to get a hold of all Ken’s SVC Chaos character portraits, again an example shown below. I need all portraits of Ken please. :slight_smile:

Im in a rush with something and need these ASAP, so any help is greatly appreciated, I may show an extra special thanks to whoever can help with this.


Thanks SA.M.

Once I have the Match of the Millenium sprite sheet I’ll be able to start.

Edit: Thanks to Manny I have the needed Ken MoM sprites, this can be closed now and Ill post up the finished work in the showcase thread. :tup:

i think i have those. i will look when i get in from work tonight.