Match Format/Bo# Why?

You guys ever notice the somewhat unusual format for fighting games Bo# series’?

Instead of just a Best of 7 rounds or Best of 9, Its played as Best of 3 matches which consist of 2-3 rounds each.
So in effect, 9 total rounds can be played and the losing player can have 4 won rounds. Alternately, a player could play 4 rounds and win, or 5-6 rounds and win 4 rounds to take a series.

Another probability is that a player must win 5 total rounds to take a series. For example, all 9 rounds are played with each player winning every other round/match. It doesn’t matter which order the rounds are won in either (as long as its not more than 3 consecutive win/loss). (Its bothering me about the 4 in a row thing, it just seems less fair.)

This format also resets a players special bars every 2 or 3 rounds to zero. I wonder how differently matches would turn out if it was instead played as 1 match of Bo7/Bo9.

Another thing it allows is for the stage to change (doesn’t really matter, home field advantage maybe?) and it also allows a player to change his/her SA.

Is there a particular reason why its done this way?

PS- With the special bars resetting do you think certain characters gain somewhat of an advantage like this? Or lose one (Hugo?)?


Its more like a Best of 2 matches (bo6rounds) with an ‘overtime tie-breaker match’. But its so common for an ‘overtime match’ that its stupid to call it that.

bump- I’m really curious about this…