MAT V Money Match thread

There are A LOT of money matches being thrown around and I thought it best to get them all in one thread. I’ll be updating this main post as people post up. I was told we’ll have a Money Match TV and I’ll be taping all of it so no one has an excuse not to get their matches in.

Lord Magnus vs Smokey’s Brother 2/3 for $5
Lord Magnus vs Secret Weapon 2/3 for $5
Smokey vs Quan 2/3 for $5
Arcade Kid vs Quan 2/3 for $5
Arcade Kid vs Shaun for $5
Arcade Kid vs Spiral Guy for $5
Gerjay vs Smokey 2/3 for $5
Aznretro vs Joker 2/3 for $5
Clock Jr. vs Quan 2/3 for $5
Nagata Lock II vs Aznretro 2/3 for $5
Nagata Lock II vs Smokey’s brother 3/5 for $10
Nagata Lock II vs AkenienG 3/5 for $10
Nagata Lock II vs Master Mao 3/5 for $10
Clock Jr. vs Gerjay 3/5 for $10
Smokey vs DaFlipMastaXV 3/5 for $10
Smokey vs Joker 3/5 for $10
Smokey vs Green 3/5 for $10
Veasna vs Joker 3/5 for $10
Arcade Kid vs Joker 3/5 for $10
PAYBACK vs Joker 3/5 for $10
Smokey vs Jiggabry 3/5 for $10
Gerjay vs Clock Jr (Clockwork Mirror Match) 2/3 for $10
Gerjay vs Clock Jr (Clockwork Mirror Match) 2/3 for $10
Jiggabry vs PAYBACK 4/7 for $20
Jiggabry vs Samnang 4/7 for $20
Gerjay vs Samnang 4/7 for $20
Gerjay vs PAYBACK 4/7 for $20
Gerjay vs Veasna Race to 5 for $50
Smokey/DaflipmastaXV/Gerjay vs PAYBACK/Veasna/Samnang 3/5 for $50

Karamba vs Nagata Lock II 2/3 for $5
Karamba vs Ranaku 2/3 for $5
Karamba vs Gwai Lo 2/3 for $5
Karamba vs Noodleman 2/3 for $5
Karamba vs MythicExile 2/3 for $5
Karamba vs 1hitcombo 2/3 for $5
MythicExile vs Mana Boy 2/3 for $5
MythicExile vs Wildestroya 2/3 for $5
Wildestroya vs Gwai Lo 1/2 2/3 for $5
Wildestroya vs 1hitcombo 2/3 for $5
Nagata Lock II vs Master Mao 3/5 for $10
Nagata Lock II vs Flowcus 3/5 for $10

Everyone post up please.

Me vs Payback 4/7 20$

anyone else want it with me in marvel

Me vs. PAYBACK for 20
Me vs. Smokey for 5
Me vs. Clock Jr. for 10 (Clockw0rk mirror match)
Me vs. Veas or Sam for 20 (I can’t remember, post up if you do)

Also, 10 bucks that MTL does NOT take the MvC2 crown.

How is this going to work? Are people just going to signup for whatever game or will each game have a certain timeframe where everyone can have their money matches?

Also isn’t 3/5 for $10 in CvS2 a little long?

I’ll be behind the camera the whole time for Money Matches and will just have everyone sign up on a list and run them as they come. The vast majority of it is Marvel with relatively the same players so it’ll be easy to keep people around the area.

-karamba vs ranaku cvs2 2/3 for 5$ or 3/5 for 10$ (we will decide there).
-Karamba vs Gwai lo cvs2 2/3 for 5$

asking for challenge , BUT REFUSE or NO answer…

-Karamba vs YellowS4 for 10$ in cvs2 (because he said he dont challenge no name like me) I told him ok 100$ instead ??? no answer .
-karamba v s 1hitcombo 5$ cvs2 no answer yet.
-karamba vs nagata lock ( Im asking now hahaha 5$ 2/3 cvs2).

i’ll take mm’s with non-gtasf players in cvs2…2/3 for $5.

ME versus mana_boy for 5 cvs2 2/3
ME versus karamba for 5 cvs2 2/3

taking money matches in cvs2 and 3s
and midtier players in marvel.
ideally i’d like to money match everyone whose money matching nagata lock in marvel, as i feel im almost at his level (probably less i dunno)
post up bitches!

i’ll also sidebet on jiggabry versus anyone (from montreal) in marvel
i’ll also sidebet on eric (js master) and roger (ratio1beatdown) versus anyone (from montreal) in cvs2
and i’ll bet 10 on tosf taking down marvel, and another 10 on marvel teams being taken by tosf as well.
and i’ll bet another 10 on tosf taking down xvsf

any takers on the stipulations above please post up asap thanks.

I’m also MMing Aznretro… want to kick it up 3/5 for $10?

Arcade Kid i’m coming back fro my $5 :wgrin: , 2/3 $5 again?

Ryan and Shaun would also like to play ArcadeKid back for $5 each 2/3.

Also i’m playing Smokey 2/3 for $5 only.

[quote=“mythicExile, post:8, topic:22931”]

ME versus mana_boy for 5 cvs2 2/3
ME versus karamba for 5 cvs2 2/3
ps karamba are we still on for this? you didnt post it. :S

yes yes I forgot hahaha

really nice thread nagata … continue this its gonna be awsome.
wow I have so many challenger in cvs2 lol.

need more money gambles

I’ll bet you that tosf won’t take down xvsf.

and 1hitcombo will money match karamba for $5 at cvs2.

Lord Magnus Vs Anyone From Montreal

Ill make that decision on my money situation, but will let u know when i see u there.

I MM joker 2/3 for $5 in mvc2 and Joker already accepted.

Nagata Lock if u want Ill MM in marvel 2/3 for 5

Yo live commentary on the MM will be sickkkk!

Ill just talk mad shit!!!

I hope u aren’t backing him.

Well dirk dragon said that he would only come if he gets a MM in ggxx for 50$ or more so only if he shows up

Me vs DarkDragon GGXX 50$ race.

me vs payback 3/5 for 10
me vs aznretro 3/5 for 5
me vs smokey 3/5 for 10
and n e thing that ottawa wants to trow at me in xmvsf 10 and under ggs
ohh ya 1 more thing low tier for mvc2 mm anyone???

I like anyone from Montreal:lol:

so i have for mvc2

2/3 5$ with quan
2/3 10$ team clock mirror match with gerjay
2/3 10$ team clock mirror match with ex_matt if he wants
2/3 10$ team clock mirror match with jiggabry
and bet 10$ with gerjay bout mtl taking mvc2

and that should be about it for my clockwork mirror matches…

and depending on how those money matches go, if i get back money that people owe me and various other things regarding money , i’m open for 2/3 5$ in mvc2 using any teams u want with anyone, just talk to me and if i’m in the mood to give out money or take it from you i’ll tell you but the only MM i’m agreeing to for sur for now is the ones i listed

I would like $10 on Payback/Smokey over Magnus, want to take it? 3/5