Master of the Weaboo - Ruler of Farofa VIII (SP, Brazil) [01/11/2014]

venue information:
day/time: January 11th, 2 pm (all times listed on this post are GMT -3)
venue: X-Revolution cyber cafe
fee: R$ 12 (venue entry) / free entry for all tournaments
address: 1370 Engenheiro Armando de Arruda Pereira ave
how to get there: after leaving the Jabaquara or Conceição subway station, ask for the location of the Carrefour supermarket, the lan house is located at its side.


  • Arcana Heart 3 (starting at 2 pm)
  • Persona 4 Arena (starting at 2 pm)
  • BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma (4 pm or when both AH3 and P4A ends)
  • Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (4 pm or when both AH3 and P4A ends)
  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (6 pm or when both BB and MB ends)


  • all tournaments will be FT2, Double Elimination, FT3 only on Grand Finals
  • BB: Stylish mode and unlimited characters banned
  • AH3: Simple mode banned


miscellaneous details:

  • bring your own controller
  • disconnect the controller (in the case of wireless controllers) after playing your matches
  • all games will be played on PS3
  • random prizes for all top 3 players




1: Pandaum (Eko)
2: Nikki (Saki)
3: Foxmc (Akane)
4: TTrema (Kamui)
5: Shadowbringer (Heart/Fiona)
5: Takagi (Saki)
7: Land (Kamui)


1: TTrema (Akihiko)
2: Strife (Akihiko/Yosuke)
3: Pandaum (Kanji)
4: Shin (Yukiko)
5: Land (Yu)
5: Foxmc (Labrys)
7: Takagi (Labrys)
7: Nikki (S. Labrys)
9: Shadowbringer (Chie)


1: Noob (Jin)
2: TTrema (Bang)
3: Foxmc (Relius)
4: Naruto (Valkenhayn/Bullet)
5: Land (Azrael)
5: Pandaum (Tager)
7: Shin (Noel)
7: Rymaru (Jin)
9: Shadowbringer (Hakumen/Bullet)
9: Nikki (Tsubaki)
9: Takagi (Tsubaki)
9: Japa (Rachel)
13: Strife (Hazama)


1: Nikki (Eddie/Testament)
2: Naruto (Jam)
3: Noob (Ky)
4: Japa (Slayer)
5: TTrema (Chipp)
5: Land (Axl)
7: Shin (Chipp)
7: Shadowbringer (Kliff)
9: Pandaum (Potemkin)

the scheduled MB tournament didn’t happen because the people who main melty and run its tournament didn’t show up.