Mashing during supers

does button mashing during supers make the super do more damage, also does it help the person being hit get out of the super more quickly, and does stick wiggling have any effect too?


yes - some supers do more damage with mashing … hailstorm, MOB, etc…

mashing to get out only works on stuff like hypergrab xx tempest … capture moves basically. Can use it to get up quicker after flying screen too - magneto shockwave comes to mind.

stick wiggling helps in some supers as well. i.e. Cable’s HVB. moving the stick up and down helps. also side to side movement helps get you out of Magneto’s Hypergrab>Tempest.

You’d be surprised what mashing can get you out of. Tron’s super where all the servbots come out can be mashed out of. Hulk’s comet grab can be mashed out of. Have fun learning the game

thanks a lot for the responses guys

There’s a science to mashing as well. It’s move specific as these guys have been telling you. Some moves like heavy directional inputs and light button swipes and others are straight button mashing. If you dig around Magnetro’s and Joo’s sites you’ll find what you need to know.

Also zangiefs super if you rotate the stick (not touching the buttons) constantly he turns red (more damage) and same for dhalsim. Magnetro’s site does have all the specifics about mashing on supers etc…

there is a chart that has all of the mashable supers… If u google it u might beable 2 find it… had it on my comp but my comp crashed

Dude you cant mash out of Trons super. The only way you mash out of it is if they get some weird connection. If you get hit by the shot your done but if you hit an assist with the character most of the time the assist will take the damage. Cables Hyper Viper beam is pretty stupid how you can rotate to do more damage because he is already a bitch character. Magnetos stuff is not too hard to mash out of, i usually mash out of it often. Anyway you just need to play a lot to get the feel of the game and techniques.

Rolling during Hail Storm…

I hate it when someone gets that shit

YOU CAN?!? I know you can mash out of the kobun grab move, but Ive never heard about actually mashing out of her super.

I doubt anyone really cares but Ruby Heart’s boat super can be mashed for more damage.


just weird connection/double otg that he probably saw

as mentioned, some moves require certain specific mashing…actually, they might not even be considered mashing

like cables AHVB…the punches is what you want to press. mashing may hit the punches, but usually pianoing the 2 punches works best. so I would hold the a direction (or move stick up and down frantically for maximum damage/less control of getting another ahvb to connect) and piano the buttons quickly.

same thing with tron, I’ve been able to get hella hits by just pianoing the kicks, but it’s sometimes easier to mash crazy in this certain case

Yeah, you would mash into Lunch Rush if you pressed buttons. Just block. :smile:
The first Kobun that hits hits as an OTG, so if you already OTGd once, LR won’t hit. (switch to tron, otg as they come down, lunch rush is blockable, for example)
CapCom also generally cannot be hit by LR if he’s cornered.

I think we need to do some research. I’ll check with my friend who mashed out of it. Maybe it was DHC’ed and i didn’t know it. I’ll ask him.

Now i must find out. But yeah the longer i play Marvel the longer i see its not AS random as i thought it was. Sometimes it is very specific and sometimes its just BS.

Yes i will agree with BS. The game sure does have a lot of dumb stuff that works.

Checked with my friend. He did a safe fall as soon as he hit the ground and pushblocked. So yeah you can’t mash out. But still… there is a lot of crazy things that go on in Marve like DT says.

The people that say they can mash out its because they did not hit with the super properly. Anyway Tron Bonne kicks ass

umm what is Magnetro’s site? I tried to google it with no luck.

Magnetro doesn’t have a “site” per se.

you can get to his videos etc. by going to