Mash moves in ST

Playing a bit of ST after getting a bit bored of HDR

What’s the best method for mash moves in ST?

In HDR I would do LP, MP, HP and in SF4 I do LP, MP, HP, LP, HP but this doesn’t seem fast enough in ST

What am I doing wrong?

Cool story bro.

Thanks for the help. I thought the whole idea of the Newbie forum was to ask stupid/obvious questions?

What do you mean Mash Moves?

I think he means Hondas HHS or Blankas Electricity.

I’m no expert, but the way I would do it is to just start with my finger on LP then slide to MP, back to LP then up to HP. That’s 5 inputs and I believe that’s how many is required in ST. I could be wrong though.

Mash throws. Works 100% of the time. Right Sasmasta :razz:

you’re both stupid

@tastyc mash moves dont work the same as in cvs2/sf4/whatever, you have to push the button five times in order for it to come out.

of course there are some ways around this, like with honda you can do clk+chp+mash chp and that might give you low short into hands

I was being as helpful as I possibly could. What do you mean, “mash moves”?

Lightning Legs, HHS, etc.

I don’t play those characters in ST so I can’t help you, sorry.

I see. I just piano :lp: and :mp:, since they don’t require you to push them that fast to get some slaps going on. But I don’t really use Honda or Blanka, so others might have a better opinion on how to get some mashing going on.

Ha, I can’t help that I go for a :mp: and get a nice throw. OOOORGH!

I am not stupid.

No, as helpful as you possibly could would have been: Hey, can you explain further? I’m not sure what exactly you are asking.

Not posting an internet meme that translates directly to “Your story is bullshit and this thread shouldn’t exist”.

Seriously man, troll in GD if you want, but this place (Newbie Saikyo) was DESIGNED to be friendly, even if a question is unclear.

Okie dokie, that’s all I wanted. Didn’t realise it had to be all the same button in ST. Should’ve clarified what I mean by mash moves, I did indeed mean elec/hhs/chun legs

Yeah, cr.short, hhs, ochio is what I’m aiming for in ST, it’s easy as pie in HDR.

Yeah I don’t really use characters with mash moves either, especially in ST. (I use Zangief, then when I get frustrated from losing I scrub it out with Balrog :rofl:. I suck on ST anyway)

OP, this video might help you…


It’s for SF4 but the same techniques should apply.

they don’t



My bad, I apologize.

Calm down cool kid, it’s called taking the piss. Anyway, back to the original post. I’ve never even played ST, so I couldn’t help you out.

didn’t read the other responses but pianoing mash moves doesnt work in either HDR or ST. gotta press a single strength button multiple times. 3 times in HDR, 5 times in ST IIRC.

If you’ve been pianoing in HDR the only way it was working is if while pianoing you still registered at least 3 inputs of the same strength.

Thank you shoo for the help, I (and apparently a lot of people) didn’t realise you couldn’t piano in ST. I’ll just have to mash faster I suppose :lol:

Thanks for your contribution then, your help is greatly appreciated.

Yeah I always assumed you could piano in ST. Learn something new everyday :bgrin: