Mas' new number? hasn’t been updated forever. the phone # used to say out of service and eventually you’d get the right one. now it just rings forever. they called and said they have my stick, but i can’t call them.

I got in touch with them last week with the Number on their site to check my order but it wont come for a long time for me anyways :sad: , the lady told me they were a bit behind and whatnot.

number won’t work for me. anybody know the new one?

I just called them last week to check on my stick and they said they were moving offices. Come this Tuesday it’ll be 2 weeks since I ordered my stick. How long have you others been waiting for yours? I suppose I’ll call them again sometime this week to check on things. It’s a bit frustrating since I have my DC/MvC2 and PS2 -> DC adapter all ready and waiting.