MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 Dojinshi updated NOV 14

My name’s TNT ,You can called me :T: another name is ultimatewp
I m the fan of shoryuken site for a long time ,watching video with SSF4 Tournament ,following gamer as Daigo, justinwong, and I m a comic artist in Thailand
I really appreciate in fighting games, so in the pics that come below this thread will be a fighting-game fanart

Now I have a plan to do a marvel vs capcom dojinshi , It’s not hentai or erotic series but the real deal 0!!!

if you ve interested, plz visit my page by follow this link 0/
ultimatewp on deviantART

The old piece

Awesome work my friend. Really love your style. You should turn in one of those pieces for the MVC 3 contest!

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Art Contest!

This is some serious stuff. The Daigo picture got a laugh out of me. Post more!

dope Viewitful Joe.

sick work! XD

Oh!! Everyone thank you! I ll try in the contest too

but now I would like to show the progress of comic 0/

Now I have drawn out 4 pages ,the first chapter will be around 14 pages

This is amazing!

nice set up with the hadouken. i’m digging it a lot


Nice Work man. I guess I need to step up my game.

Oh thank Q vv much
everyone 0