Marvel vs Capcom 3 deals... dood.

:wonder: Sup everyone. Just stopping by to give a heads up to everyone about some sales for the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3:

[COLOR=“black”]K-Mart: is offering Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with 25,000 SYWR Points ($25) + free photo with purchase.

Toys 'R Us: Toys R Us throws in a $15 gift card with Marvel vs Capcom 3

Target: Free action figure ($7.99 value) with purchase of Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Game Stop: 50% Trade In bonus towards Marvel vs Capcom

Credits go to cheepassgamer: Sunday Ad Video Game Deals (2/13/11 to 2/19/11)

Have at you… dood![/COLOR]

I already bit on the Amazon deal. Even if the other places give more ‘credit’, Amazon prices on games drop waaaay faster. So 10 dollars from amazon do me a lot more than 25 from kmart =\

Ok thanks for the info but what’s with the “dood” all the time??

:smokin: Heck yeah, Amazon is great. spits out cigarette

:shake: It’s those damn Prinnies I tell you. They warped my brain. I haven’t been the same since… dood.

Hey YEAH DOOD 120%, I sent you a Private Message…Please read and respond!!

Gamestop is doing a 50% discount. I went there and they have a huge ass SIGN. :smiley:

:wonder: Thanks for the confirmation, I’ll re-edit the original post… dood.