Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Character DLC Plans LEAKED

First off, it must be stressed yet again that this is, currently, nothing more than a rumour. However, the originator of the rumour, a user by the name of Lupinko, released leaks regarding the on-disc roster for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds during last fall, which all turned out to be true, so perhaps there is more credence to this rumour than one would think.

The rumour tells what DLC characters Capcom are planning. Two DLC characters were already released about two weeks ago, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil for the Capcom side and Shuma-Gorath for the Marvel side. Also, it says there will be a DLC stage as well. Believe it if you want to - below, you’ll find a list of what characters and which stage are rumoured to be hitting your console sometime in the relatively near future.


Dr. Octopus
Ms. Marvel


Frank West (Dead Rising)
Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)
Mega Man X (Mega Man)
Gene (God Hand)
Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers)
Strider Hiryu (Strider)
Gail (Dino Crisis)

The rumour also states that Dr. Octopus, Juggernaut, Frank West and Phoenix Wright will be officially unveiled at the Captivate event taking place next week, and that the new stage, which is a courtroom from the Ace Attorney series, will be released together with the next batch of characters.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds was released roughly a month ago, on February 15th in North America, February 17th in Japan and February 18th in Europe for PS3 and Xbox 360. No word as of yet when, or if, this DLC will be hitting consoles. Stay tuned, true believers!

Source: Vegivo

It wasn’t really Lupinko, the list is fake.

April fools jackass

we are not in April 1st yet
oh well we just have to wait for the Capcom Captive

I’d be really ecstatic if the Capcom list was true at least, I wanted Frank West in the core game…but with the lack of reliable sources I truly doubt the veracity of this list.

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

no we dont because this isnt true

I heart L, Light, Misa, and Rey Penbar are to be added in the new Street Fighter X Deathnote.

I really hate Megaman X. What’s wrong with just Megaman?

while i would love for this to be true, im pretty certain it isnt. i would expect only about 6 characters TOPS for DLC over the lifespan of this game tbh.

What’s wrong with just Megaman? Apparently you haven’t played MVC2. I’d rather have Megaman X, the size of Zero and possibility of similar badassery than the garbage that’s MVC2 (and 1) regular Megaman

Without MvC2 Megaman, we wouldn’t have this: [media=youtube]FwBJUY5mq8c[/media]

No Ryuk? What a ripoff?

Take it to Wishlist / Speculation thread.

On a sidenote, remember April 1st is this Friday… so take this with a huge grain of salt.

and besides it lacks Sigma :wgrin: