Marvel vs Capcom 2 value

this game is hellla rare and is worth a ton, as we all know it. :smokin: Just like most people on here, I’ve been hanging on to my copies hoping for the value to skyrocket a bit. One thing though, supersmash is coming out on March 9th and I wanna be able to play it on opening day. Also, haven’t gotton a wii yet and don’t have money for it either! (currently waiting on a few places to call back for a job)

Since i’m sorta in need of some cash, I ask you guys… should I keep it or sell it? (2 PS2 copies). Anybody got any predictions? Is the game just gonna get more rarer, cause more & more people find out about it and want to play it, therefore making the value go up? I’ve been keeping track of ebay sales and it seems used copies go for atleast $80.00. If I sell both copies, that’d be around $160+ :smokin:

You’ll regret it. I promise you.(I speak from experience)

if capcom gets the rights back to it and makes an xbla/psn port of mvc2 you will be fucked.

Make sure to take that into consideration if you are deciding to sell now or keep it hoping it will get rarer.
I wouldn’t say the chances are good of that happening. They probably wont bother even going after the marvel license since EA lost it. But you never know.
If they do and you still have those games. They wont go for much just telling you now.

Well, if I was in your position, I would just sell one of my copies.

I would just sell one…unless u have the DC version, then sell both…

mvc2 for ps2 here in my part of japan is CRAZY exspensive! a shop near my home has one copy for close to 100 U.S. bucks. and even trying to buy it used, its about 70 Bucks.

quite annoying.

Unless you never play it, I’d sell it. Also, like someone said, if Capcom can get rights back to Marvel (the one EA has), I’m sure as hell they’ll release it to cash off on the success.

Sell both. Buy one at a cheap bid on Ebay, that way you keep a bunch of money and still have a copy…

why the hell would you wanna keep the copies? the ps2 and xbox versions aren’t even arcade perfect. and if capcom gets their license back from marvel, then they’ll be able to sell it again. sell while you can. it’s not all that great, unless you have the DC version.