Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tilt Tourney Sign-Up for Colonial Heights, VA

You guys don’t know me but I work at Tilt arcade in Soutpark Mall in Colonial Heights, VA and was finally granted to hold a Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament. I go to this site for the fighting guides and since not many Marvel players come into Tilt, I thought this way would be better to get the word out.

Answers to questions:

*When is it?

-July 22 at 9 am, I know it’s early but my DM says so and after countless arguments he’s not changing his mind :frowning:

*Where is Tilt and Southpark Mall at?

-Anyone who lives in Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Hopewell, Chester and Prince George KNOWS where Southpark Mall is. It’s the only thing keeping Colonial Heights afloat. The arcade is the third store to the right as you enter from the mall’s main entrance, it used to be Mindboggle (god I miss those days).

*What type of cabinet is MvC2 being played on.

-Unfortunatly it’s on a small cabinet, but I’ve played and seen many people play on it without issue, so unless you’re one of the players who like to be in the split position and bent over while playing you’ll be fine.

Here’s pics of it:

Sure it looks like tight spacing, but I’m 6"0 with wide shoulders and have never had any real issues with the space. We’re all adults, we know how to share…hopefully :slight_smile:

*Format? Rules? Entry Fee? Pay to Play? Prize?

-Double elimination, Evo rules, $5 and you have to pay to play. The prize has to be an item, again DM says so, no cash. I have to chose something that’s worth maybe $40 to $50 which you can actually use, so I’ll be browsing Best Buy. It’s not gonna be anything whack like a Jimmy Neutron CD case.

So if anyone is interested please PM or respond with your name and phone number, I absolutely need both for you to be an entrant. I would like to get as many to show up as possible to make this a bi-weekly or monthly thing, because I honestly love Marvel vs Capcom 2 and don’t see any tournaments for it near this area.

Feel free to ask me any questions and don’t worry about the working order of the sticks or buttons, I check them weekly and they work fine. In fact I’ve recently changed all the joysticks and button switches and will do so again a day before the tourney.

Lastly please don’t respond with posts like “Tilt is gay” or “That place is ghetto”, this is about holding a Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament from a true fan of the game, if you love MvC2 it shouldn’t matter the venue of where you play, hell I would play Marvel vs Capcom 2 on a PSP emulator.


People signed up so far:

Julius C. (local)
Brian T. (local)
Arturo M (Beatface 22)
Devon D. (local, don’t know his screen name here)
Deondse (local, aka DDR Kid)
Bruce W. (local)
Rob C. (local)
Tyler (local)
Eddie V. (local)
Peris V. (local)
Brendan G. (local)
Kevin W (me)

I was seriously expecting more interest from this site, but I’ll keep this post updated. Guess there’s no Marvel players in the Tri-City area no more :frowning:

You’d probably get more of a response if you put it in the proper section.

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