Marvel vs. Capcom 2 TE sticks?

Say WHAT??? Yeah, sounds crazy, but here’s a listing from a UK retailer.

I got a “Sorry, this product no longer exists in our database” message.

lol, mvc2 online is nothing but a ghost @ this point. It appears then disappears @ will.

Seriously though, I saw that link yesterday and that stick was there. There were no actual pictures but it @ least had a description of the product which was sanwa stuff and turbo buttons.

Dang, that sucks. I’d like to see some pics. D:

It was posted on yesterday. I didn’t see anything here about it so I posted it. Keits posted a story on the front page of the site about them taking the stick down off of their website. It’s all probably rumor and conjecture anyways. I would be happy if it weren’t however.

wasnt it described as the TE stick also?

All i know is i really hope this comes out on PSN and Xbox live. I am dying to play people from other areas. I already get good practice at Family Fun Arcade

Yes, it was listed with the same description, Sanwa gate, stick, and buttons.

But on that same site linked above they also had a listing for MvC2 pads with the same description as the SFIV pads.

Someone in the MvC2 rumor thread in FGD also had a listing of what characters appeared on each pad (like Ryu vs Wolverine for example).

These appear legit. Though if a MvC2 stick was a TE stick it would have HAPP parts…:arazz:

These TE MvC2 sticks were just rumors. They are not really making them. I found that from an interview with Seth Killian …I think it was on

Seth posted that it was just a rumor here among other places. =\

At GameStop, the MVC2 sticks are now a reservable SKU. Price is set for $159.99 (or was it $169.99?).

woah worth it? i think so, but i want to see it. HAPP parts with Sanwa buttons

$159.99, and just like the SFIV TE’s, its a $50 reserve.

I reserved one of each.

The guy at Gamestop told me that it releases in October.

I’m assuming this is just the SF4 TE stick reskinned, right?

I’d get one to have if I wasn’t so poor right now.

Here it is

Updated release dates and pages upon pages of bickering:chat: