Marvel vs. Capcom 2, super street fighter 4 tournament; july 23rd metrocon tampa

I will be hosting tournaments for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournament and Super Street fighter 4 tournaments at Metrocon this year. If you are there only for the tournaments you do not have to buy a convention ticket to enter. Simply pay entry fee for the tournament you wish to compete in.

Entry fee for Marvel vs. Capcom will be $5. Now as far as what system it will held on is up to you guys. Just let me know if you want it on PS3 or Xbox 360. Arcade sticks and custom controllers are allowed.

Super Street Fighter 4 entry fee will $5 and will be held on the PS3. Arcade sticks and custom controllers are allowed.

Both tournaments will be Double Elimination and 2/3; 3/5 finals.

I will be doing SSF4 first then MvC2.

I want your input for the rest of the rules. I will be banning Seth in SSF4. Let me know what else you guys will like to have implemented.

So MetroCon is held at the Tampa Convention center.
How much space will you have?
How many days is this “Tournament?” or will it be held over the course of a day.
Have to pay for parking right?

How about adding Tatsunoko vs Capcom:UAS??? :smile:

Seeming that MetroCon is a BIG event, will ticket attendees be on notice about those just coming for your tournament?? I mean I’d hate to see folks come just for the tourney only to be told that they have to pay full venue fee (Single Day Adult Ticket Saturday July 24, 2010 - $30.00)


Ok. lol. Here is how I have it planned out for the Metrocon Tournaments. And yes, I will be doing a Tatsunoko vs Capcom tournament as well. Just posting early to get the word out so people know what’s in the works for Metrocon this year.

  1. Parking fees depends on where you park. I park in the pink garage next to the convention center, which is only $5 if you get there early enough. If you are unable to park there, various “sandlots” are open to park in and will run you around $10. Maybe more. Depends on what type of person is running the lot.

  2. You do not have to buy a Metrocon ticket if you are only there for the tournament. Now, Metrocon normally takes 50% of the pot for their cut. I know. Do not worry, I have talked them down to only taking 30%. However, I have thought about charging a $5 door fee that goes directly to Metrocon. I have not told Metrocon of the door fee because I want your opinion on it if you want to go with the door fee or let Metrocon take 30% of the total pot. Also, if any con-goer is interested in the tournament they can compete as well. And yes, they will still have to pay the $5 door fee if we choose to go with that. By “we” I mean you guys. This is your tournament and I want it to be something you guys will enjoy and want to compete in again next year. With the $5 door fee the pot is never touched and they get their cut. Entry fee will still only be $5 for each tournament and the pot will be divided 70/20/10 among the top three.

  3. This is a one day tournament and will be held Friday July 23rd, 2010 in the game room of the convention. You are encouraged to bring TVs, systems, and power strips. This will help speed along the tournament and have multiple matches taking place at once. The game room is a large room. They do have various consoles there. Unfortunately, we can not boot off a system since there are non tournament participants in the game room as well. I will do what I can though to have as many displays going. Which is why if extra TVs and systems can be brought, that is great. It doesn’t have to be a fancy TV or anything. When I have my Smash Bros. Tournaments, we play on 13" TVs and what not. lol.

I have a tournament bracket program on my laptop that I use to run the tournament and divide the pot among the top three. Seeding will be generated randomly by the computer so there is no favourtism or shenanigans taking place. lol. Or, I can do it based on region so that way at the beginning of the tournament people from Orlando do not fight people from Orlando but those from another town. Once again, this is a tournament by the players for the players. And I will do my best to get what you guys want from Metrocon.

If there are anymore question, please feel free to ask.

My response got posted twice. lol. -_-

i’m sure there will be little to no interest, but you cool with me running a Garou: MOTW side tourney?

I’m willing to bring a PS3, SSF4, and a tv too.

For running a tournament you will have to contact Metrocon for that.

But yeah, bringing a PS3, SSFIV and TV is awesome. Thanks bro.

Also, I’m adding BlazBlue and Capcom vs. SNK2 to the list.

Ill be there. Dressed as Vega. Hehe!

Also, what time on Friday?