Marvel vs Capcom 2 or Capcom vs SNK 2?

Me personally its really hard to decide. You have MvC2 and it has more characters, more combo possibilities and its definitly faster and more elusive and what not. But the infinite glitch combos or cheap characters(magneto,sentinel,spiral whores etc.) can make the game unbalanced (depending on the players tho).

Then you have CvS2 which is a combonation of offense and defense and strategy with the exellent groove gauge system. its like mixing every game and its formula and features all into one. simply amazing and downright genious. it has a few less characters than MvC2 and 4 of them are overpowered bosses, but its still a huge selection. and stunning gameplay easily puts this in the All time hall of fame.

if i had to chose out of the two I would pick CvS2 by a very very slight margin.

But to me they are both the kings of 2D fighting and i still to this day play them both.

what u guys think? Marvel vs Capcom 2 or Capcom vs SNK 2?

oh hands down marvel vs capcom 2. playing that or more so watching my older brother and his friends bust out the crazy shit within that game. made my life. i actually prefer cvs on the dreamcast cuz of the EX chars. and i dun dun dunnnnn own cvs2 on the gamecube :slight_smile:

spiral is my personal whore

respect that opinion. but of coure when i mentioned CvS2 I do mean the PS2 version . And evry one else should too. pull of a super with the flick of a thumbstick?(EO version) lol how juvenille.

i would play the xbox version just for online play tho. but still do things the old fashion way.

The topics about what he prefers. Nothing wrong with prefering GC CVS2.

I prefer to play CVS2 and watch MVC2.

While MvC2 is alot of fun I would have to go with CvS2.

CvS2 has the added advantage of multiple play modes (ratio or non-ratio 3v3, the ability to just play 1v1) and the ability to make your own Grooves. You could technically make your own groove that plays the way you want and have everyone choose just that, thus giving you a completely different game. Color edit is nice as well. Practice in CvS2 also translates better to other games, since it has characters and features present in a large number of competitive games.

CvS2 is more SF-style fighting, one of the best capcom games. MvC2 is good also, but fighting is way different.

What you are asking is the same as asking between Soul Caliber and ST, 2 different games completely. Depends on the style of game you want to play.

They really miss you here.

yea i just think it looks and runs great on the gc. hahahhah and no one is ever allowed to use the GC stick control when we play. not even against comp or in practice mode. :slight_smile:

Considering I’m absolutely terrible at both I’d prefer to watch high level MvC2 play than CvS…

Both really good games but I guess I’ll go with CvS2

Id have to say CvS2. MvC2 is fucking great though.

Who cares? Both games are dead anyway.

I Love My Marvel…But I Do Need To Step Up My CvS Game With My New Love For Boxer And Gief(No Homo)…But Marvel For Me

It’s 2002 and I’m in an arcade and I don’t know what game I should play… please help!!

kof 2002, :rofl:

CvS 2

MvC2 by far. Just more my kind of game…

The Dreamcast is the best port, hands down. Kinda of wondering why people refuse to get this

Being CvS2 is a NAMOI-based game and the Dreamcast hardware and NAOMI hardware are identical, the Dreamcast has near perfect graphics and resolution. And six button controllers and sticks are easier to come by. I don’t care how powerful the PS2 or how much people love it, you just can’t beat the DC hardware when it comes to NAMOI conversions.

i didnt know they made CvS2 for dreamcast, unless its a japan only game, but i thought only CvS1 was released on Dreamcast. but i still have Marvel vs capcom 2on Dreamcast tho. i hear the ps2 version wasnt the perfect arcade conversion

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