Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - Magnetos Art Gallery?


Does anyone have Magneto’s Art Gallery? I found the whole thing at the SFgallery site. But Magneto’s is horrible when it comes to quality.

Anyone has this in good quality ?



Would you share it? I cant find it …

Thanks a lot .:slight_smile:

it’s on magnetro’s site, iirc

^yeah, we have the same shit. If he has it on his page, then it is the same one I have. Been too busy trying to locate it on my HD.

THanks so much Mixac…

found it, man that site is amazing… Really nice!

Thanks again! very helpful!

it’s that.

Yeah thats the one Im looking for. I found that one there on the portraits but as you can tell the quality is low… While the rest of the characters are huge.

Still looking for that one in better resolution…

Thanks again man for taking the time.

I have no idea why Magneto, Storm and morrigan are in low quality. As for the other portraits, those were ripped by Eidrian from the PS2 and the highest quality the ps2 had them in. Then of course there is the insane quality guile/hayato/hulk/cable/zangief/mvc2 logo pictures that are up. I have NOO idea where those came from, Majestros just said he found them somewhere. If anyone has any other stuff that isn’t on the site let me know please