Marvel Versus Capcom 2: Good games thread

I haven’t had any yet but I hope to have a lot of them.

I hope to see you all online sooner than later.

GGs to gasp and dander

ya"ll some noobs


how are you posting good games before this thing is even on live?:rolleyes:


LOL.LOL LO just to funny, not even on live as yet lol lol lol lol lol just to funny

my thrax is getting there
tell shoo i like his storm
the widescreen mode is fucking me upppppp

I can only imagine the amount of hate msg’s I’ll have to laugh over.

Did this really need to be made before we even have a release date? lol Let’s make a T6 GGs one while we’re at it

Can’t you play the import xbox version on live? If you have a japanese xbox?

Happens every time. I know you’re anxious but wait til the damn game arrives.