Marvel TE stick Not working?

I’ve been trying all day to Make my fightstick work for AH3.

The Buttons work, but the stick randomly wont…

It works on the 360, and its not the LS/DP/RS switch.

Am I missing something?

I’m playing it on PC, and I’m using Joy2Key for inputs. Please help.

For the PC, you might have to download Microsoft USB driver software for that joystick. I don’t know the website for that software; you’ll have to Google it.

Seems to be that Mad Catz joysticks don’t work out of the box on PC’s without a USB controller driver installation SPECIFICALLY for those joysticks.

IF this download doesn’t work, then you might have a PCB problem but that doesn’t seem likely since the joystick works on your 360.

Honestly, I think you have to download that special driver software…

If it is a 360 stick, you can get drivers for a Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft’s website.
It is the PS3 TE sticks that have issues with certain USB chip sets. I blame Intel for this not Mad Catz.

MadCatz chose to use UHCI. PS3 is capable of OHCI and EHCI, it was purely their design decision. Nothing to do with Intel.

Also he has a 360 stick so this wouldn’t be the problem. It’s the fact he’s running an arcade rip of AH3.

It should ask you if you have a 4way pad in the configuration, you need to say yes to that. At least I’m pretty sure. I haven’t played any of the rips besides the Blazblue one.

I downloaded The latest driver for 360 wired controllers, but still nothing. The Joy2Key wont respond to left, right, up, and down.

1Anyone have a solution?

Is it only in AH3? Can you hit your windows key type “set up USB game controllers” open that, click on your stick and see if the stick moves around?

I had the same issue with my TE. Joy2Key wouldn’t register dpad. I use Xpadder now and it works

This is a long shot in the dark, but are you running x64 win7?

If you look at the box, the original PS3 TEs were never stated as working with the PC.

Yeah im running x64 windows 7…