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Last thread was close to the 10K, so preemptively making a new one for you guys. Copy/pasting the rules for Endgame spoilers so nobody can be caught unaware:

Alright, we’re going to play it at an easy medium: spoiler all convo for 2 weeks starting from the initial showing (so the 25th). After those two weeks are done, either stay away form the thread or suffer the consequences. I’ll be keeping an eye on it to make sure things are spoilered (and fixing any post that does it by accident).

Any person intentionally spoiling the movie is going to eat a multi-year ban.

If you want to spoiler text, these are the steps you need to take to do so:

highlight the text you want to hide behind the summary spoiler tag.

Click on the gearbox to the right of the smiley face.

Click on “Hide Details”.

If you don’t know where its located, reference Darksakul’s picture for the visual guide. As of this post, I’ll assume all below would have read mine and I’ll treat you as such. Week of release I’ll give you guys a secondary reminder to put all things under the spoiler tag.

Once May 10th hits though, literally don’t come into this thread unless you want to get your body blown up with spoilers. When I say May 10th, I mean 12:00 A.M. pacific time on May 10th (That’s 2:00 a.m. eastern, 1:00 a.m. mountain for the rest of you folks.). Don’t browse this thread on thursday night and get caught slipping. Now that there is a very specific time in place for when people can say crazy shit in this thread, expect there to be a countdown to where all of SRK loses their collective minds to write every spoiler imaginable here on that day.

Happy viewing,


The first Avengers movie is still the gold standard for a comic book film. Don’t @ me.



Whens s2?


@d3v that pic explains so much. It really seems that the rest of the cast doesn’t like her. The Avengers cast has always seemed to get along well. Seems like are trying their best to hide their contempt for her. Maybe I’m seeing something that isn’t there.

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I took it as a photo op. I think she just comes off really defensive and that plays into all of it.

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You guys reading all that into one pic of her on the red carpet?


You can only pick one

Which female Avenger would you want to be with, and yes I am padding the list out slightly

Black Widow
Scarlet Witch
Hope van Dyne
Carol Danvers
Shanon Carter
Aunt May
Jane Foster
Peggy Carter
Mockingbird (yes I know shes from Agents of Sheild)
Maria Hill

Absolutely this.

I refuse to pick only one. But those are my picks. Especially if it’s Marisa Tomei Aunt May.


Personally I thought it was a fitting pic given the movie and a fun way to “honor” Thanos. It’s perspective like anything else.

No, they’ve been promoting the movie with cast interviews. There seems to be tension whenever she’s around. Hemsworth, Cheadle, and Renner have seemed annoyed with her at various points.

I chalk that up to the 4 stages of team building. They gotta work through that storming phase :smiley:

I suppose that’s it. Never seen Hemsworth annoyed with anyone else and the look Cheadle gave her made me wait to see if she’d turn into a tree.


Bless you for making a new thread…because Magig is yuckmouth.


They also have 5+ years working together. She’s the odd man out. We’ll see how it shakes out next movie.

who are you guys talking about? Johanssen?

Bae Larson

Shamelessly reposted from d3v:


Ah right. Ive seen loads of interviews with her whether its MCU related or not. Shes really inconsistent, in some she comes across as really cute, fun and adorable. In others she seems really stuck up and right up her own arse which is why I can understand the others being tense around her.

Maybe she puts on a show sometimes, or has some sort of split personality thing, I dunno but I think the pic is pretty cute.

So the embargo for reviews lifts today. Gonna have to curtail the Google.

I could be seeing this as early as tomorrow (since we get it on the 24th), but my high school batch has a block screening reserved for Sunday as part of fundraising efforts. So I’m gonna be watching it then.


Seeing it Saturday afternoon. I had tickets for a 7PM showing on Thursday, but I have to travel on Thursday for a Friday meeting.

Going first thing Friday morning with a friend and her husband. Noon showing. Grabbing an early lunch before hand.

I’m excited just for the social aspect of going to the movies with people. Haven’t gone to the movies with anyone since Deadpool. Though that was completely by choice. Now it doesn’t have to be.

I’m hoping to get a big group to go see Detective Pikachu with me.

Godzilla and John Wick though? Those are for Stuart.