Marvel Movie Tiers: Lets Do This!

So I’m sittin here watching Spiderman 3 on blu ray because a nig aint got no cable and it hit me that this was one of the best Marvel movies ever made. Then I got to thinking, out of the almost 30 Marvel movies there are (doesnt even seem like its been that many) some have been full of epicness while some others have been ridiculously horrible and untrue to the comics.

With that said, what are an agreed upon top tier? Going off my fuzzy memory I would have to say:

-Iron Man 2
-Spiderman 3

-Spiderman 2
-X Men: The Last Stand
note: The thing that holds back Last Stand is that the movie had tooooo many mutant cameos in the story that made it messy, AND the fact that it was a bad ending to a trilogy, Phoenix could have done so much more.
-Iron Man
-Blade 2

-Iron Man
-X-Men: First Class

-Fantastic 4
-X Men Origins: Wolverine (Will. I. Am & “Deadpool”)

-Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (Galactus is a CGI thunderstorm?)
-Blade Trinity

-Ghost Rider

EDIT: I never seen Captain America…I assumed it was lower-mid tier.

Your list fucking sucks.

Why is the only one Hulk movie?


The only good ones from the last couple of decades were the first two Blades, the Edward Norton Hulk, and Iron Man 1.

Those and, y’know - some animated ones.


I thought blade 2, punisher, thor, iron man 1, xmen 1st class were all dope. Although the new spiderman trailer is off the chain.

Edit: wtf how is spiderman 3 and x2 god tier?? I thought they were widely considered shit tier.

spiderman 3 god tier? XMen:LS higher than 1st class?


How is Iron Man 2 higher than Iron Man 1?

Edit: I just read the rest of the list and I’m so happy I’m not a Marvel nerd or else I would be raging so hard right now.

I really think the first F4 should be lower.

OP list HAS to be bait. Honestly I couldn’t make my own list, but I’ll gladly disagree with others.

If a list MUST be made and receive SRK’s highest approval, we need to agree on a single S/God Tier Marvel Movie that tops all FIRST (Good Luck). Because there’s no way anyone will 100% agree on someone else full list. Then roll down hill from there.

Just an idea to get it moving.

Personally I think X-2 and Iron Man deserve to be at the top.

^ I agree with Val… but in reverse order. IM then X-2 for me.

Oh I didn’t have them in a specific order. For me those two represent God Tier as far as Marvel movies go. There is no way Spiderman 3 is anywhere near that.

This tier list is ass like throwback Cameron Diaz

My bad Val. I’d put Spiderman 1 2 and Incredible Hulk would top my list also. Not God Tier but def top. Spiderman 3 should def fall to around bottom tier.

I gave Captain America a thumbs up.

I don’t want to give Captain America a ruling yet because I’ve only seen it once so far so I’ve only had the “Omg Captain is awesome” viewing. I’ve seen Thor a few times and as much as I loved it, I had a few problems with it. I think I agree with the original placement of Upper Mid tier.

I really liked Thor but yes, it was problematic. The dramatic sideways camera shots were used way to much and it kind of dragged on to long in spots.

I have yet to see Cap, which is weird, since it’s the one Marvel film I really wanted to see this year.

My main problem is that Nathalie Portman is supposed to be a super smart scientist but like in any story, she falls in love with the first dude who takes his shirt off. It just seems off. Like the story wasn’t developped enough.

Hmm agreed, I never paid attention to that. She did get all “worked up” when Thor was around.

Spider-Man 3 god tier? Shit nigga… did you even watch the movie? It’s pretty bad, but its production values put it leaps and bounds over stuff like the Punisher (which I enjoyed) and Daredevil.

Is it me or have final fights in these movies been lacking lately? I’m mostly talking about Iron Man 2 and Thor cause those are the only ones I can think of that have let me down near the end (X-Men: Origins too for making Deadpool dumb).

I understand he’s quite the specimen of a man. I just thought something was off.

This thread would be so much easier if it was DC.
God tier:
Batman Begins
Dark knight

bottom tier:
everything else.

Sonicspear64: I completely agree about the ending fight of IM2 being a let down.