Marvel: EC vs. WC 5 on 5 @ ECCXI(aka superbowl XI) 100 dollars a head

basically, wc’s finest vs. ec’s finest(excluding wong/stanford)

100 dollars a head(or more as much as yall want), so far team wc is: Piff/Bill/Ruin/Jallllly/XX vs. EC… whoever yall want make a team, or a tourney, or whoever is down for a highstake money match.

This is just the first step, then we’ll establish a format that everyone can agree on. Someone GET FUCKING HYPE, IM FUCKING HYPE ALREADY. 5 MONTHS EARLY WHATS GOOD.

On My Way To Church Dipset Byrdgang. Clap Clap That’s The Byrd Call.

The Main Attraction Aka Ec Come Take The Cake Out The Bakers Hand.

we got that crack vol. 2

i vote fernboi for the last spot on team WC.

You wanna ball till you fall I can help you with that.

Do It!!!

hmmmmmm I think I’ll just be making match to match sidebets on this one…I Pwn the world in bets. As for that last spot on west coast…your gonna need a wildcard like fern or a straight mag player… you have plenty of the robot :wonder:

Too GOOD!!!

wc team is non-negotiable, the people on them team decide who’s on the team. EC, people that want to participate should choose their team any way they want. Basically, choose who you can count on to be on your team to make THAT CAKE.

no stanford… a dope team would be Yipes, Wigfall, Brandon Hyo, ???, ???.. mebbe rick mears or X… smoothviper or heem??? that shit is debatable…

is mixup alive?

Isacc Graham? <3

I’d love to see Smoothviper on that team because his Cable is as sick as Potters is.

eastside should be

yipes, wigfall, X, matrix, isaac.

no soo for westcoast?

Right now, probably cumbo is the 5th hokage, but we’ll see. Might end up throwing a tourney to see who gets the last spot.


you guys scurrrd of sanford?

lol sanford plays this game for a living

none of us are on that level

and i hope they put matrix on their team

thats a FREE win for us

I wouldn’t mind being on team EC. Do it!!! Wigfall, should we discuss who should be on the team?

I believe it should be

Me, You, Yipes, Smoothviper, and… I don’t who else. But who knows if I’ll even be on the team, meh. It’s all about favortism sometimes… -_-

The real question is: Would WC finally come full force this time?

Do It
Tx is west coast, a good 5th player would be vegita-x or magnetox

Hmmmmmm there is money to be made here…who likes team west? I’m taking sidebets in advance on final outcome :cybot: anywhere from $20-$75 for now. I already know what happens when too many robots try and fight that grey haired SOB.

Sup, Duc Jr, it’s been a while.