Married Biology Teacher Traumatized 17-Year-Old Male Student With Sex Romps, Cops Say

This week’s married high school biology teacher busted for allegedly traumatizing a 17-year-old male student with some unspecified gob of sexual contact is Sarah Madden Fowlkes.

Delicious. But there’s already a good/bad teachers thread.

Really? Mind posting a Link?

Whoops, thought I did that.

nasty pedophle should be put to death. anyone who disagrees is a mawp cuck

Lucky bastard.

I know right. Maybe one day I’ll get someone arrested.


Uh huh…

This could also go into the bad cops thread, these cops meant “blessed” not “traumatized” smh

Yep. I mean this lady is pretty hot. Like if this was me when I was 17, and I had sex with a woman that looked like this I think my dad would high five me, same with all the cops.

you mawps are sickening virgins

Looked it up and the age of consent is 17 in Texas anyway.

Guess they have a separate law covering teachers though. Could have just waited til the end of the school year, or gone after someone in another class. Then she’d just be losing her job.

Clearly we all went to the wrong goddamn high school; closest one I remember was my social studies teacher back in 6th(7th?) grade who would wear sheer stocking every now and then that would make @Million compose Shakespeare sonnets.

Wait till after the school year over and let the dude graduate.
Maybe he hits his 18th birthday. Then it becomes an non-issue.

I see this becoming a problem is if she over powered the guy or force him into the act like blackmailing him or holding grades as ransom.

Surprising that some teachers just can’t strategically wait it out…like you “keep tabs” on certain ones that are of interest…then once they graduate, they are no longer a student and BAM it is SO on… I suppose the temptation becomes too strong for them to resist, I guess… people can only resist certain temptations for so long before that inner hentai sex demon takes over.

I still think it’s amusing that the new stereotype and likely suspect in this particular crime is women. Seriously, when I hear just a headline about “teacher molests student…” I’m already just automatically assuming the teacher is female at this point, and then of course the next thing I’m wondering is “…how does she look… is she hot?”…and just about every time that assumption proves to be correct in the past several years.

Congratulations on being the new “usual suspect” for this kind of criminal situation, ladies. :tup:



Traumatised, MY ASS. sigh -_-


Maybe she gives bad head?

That ass was so amazing, it left trauma.


So is she going to prison because she gave this lucky AF kid everything he was probably dreaming since he first started in her class. I mean, its not like she gave him an A on his report as payment or anything.