Mark of the Millenium (Edmonton, AB, March 30th 2013) - Results

Mark of the Millenium - Results!

UMvC3 (19 Entrants)
1st: TEG Gilcrist
2nd: TEG Dark Renagade
3rd: GDLK Bee
4th: Levi
5th: TEG Shiro420
5th: TEG Bionic J
7th: Mohan
7th: 8bithero

SF4 (22 Entrants)

  1. Bee
  2. Khoa
  3. Fakesteve
  4. Meowgnum PI
  5. RedCaliburn, TR Void
  6. Guile, Levi L
  7. Tom, Carlos, Captain Click, 8BitHero
  8. Bulletoe, Savski, Kung, Shiro
  9. Crow, Kyle L, Squalie, JustJon, Duskbringer, Marco

SFxT (9 Entrants)

  1. Guile
  2. Scrub Saibot
  3. Meowgnam PI
  4. Tom
  5. Fakesteve, Duskbringer
  6. JustJon, MikeX
  7. Steve Tang

Rad. I’ll do my best to be there! I texted you some info regarding what I can bring, I’ll commit that stuff whether I can make it or not.

Sticky please?

Good luck with this.

******ATTENTION FOR THE TOURNEY ON THE 30TH: The schedule of start times for games has been changed. Please refer to the event page for the new start times. Thank you.

Only a week till the tourney. I’m getting hype.

Is there going to be a stream for this?, marvel on

Hey guys, reminder: If you want to enter P4A, Marvel or SF4, you MUST be at the venue by 1:30 for registration on Saturday. If you want to enter TTT2, KOF or SFxT, you must be there by 3:30.



Fantastic tournament today, guys. Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported the scene!

Huge thanks to everyone who brought consoles. Massive shoutouts to Vince for setting up the stream and running it smoothly all day. Also huge shoutouts for Shiro for running the entire Marvel bracket and Tiago for taking over Street Fighter from me while I had lunch and stuff. Major thanks to Tyler who showed up only to volunteer with setup and to Jimmy and Vince’s friends for helping me move tables around. Thanks to all volunteers!

Huge congrats to Gilchrist Jason Kootenay for taking Marvel and to Khoa Huynh for winning SF4!

Some things I learned for next time (probably sometime in June)
-Bring change for cash payouts. I almost had some close calls.
-We need a bigger room with better air conditioning.
-I can probably think of more when people provide feedback.