[Mar 6, 2012] AirJuggle.com | Fraud Factory | SFxT Day 1 (Xbox Live)


Welcome to the Fraud Factory, brought to you by Airjuggle.com.

AirJuggle.com is a social network for the fgc so check us out!

Day one SFxT session featuring some training to get familiar wih the game, as well as an open lobby featuring Team Airjuggle as well as some of our friends!

If you do not have a midnight release near you or if you live on the west coast and need to get your SFxT fix then join us on stream!

Join XBL GT:JulioRancho

Be sure to check out our site at http://AirJuggle.com
Twitter: @AirJuggle
Youtube: AirJuggleDotCom