[Mar 31, 2012] New School X Old School AE,UMVC3,SFXT,SCV,KOF,ST,VS and A2!(Milwaukee,WI)

Romine’s High Pockets Milwaukee,WI March 31st 2012 New School X Old School!

SSF4AE,SFXT UMVC3,MK9,KOF13,Tekken 6,SCV,Super Street Fighter 2 X,Vampire Savior and Street Fighter Zero 2!!!

WHERE:Romine’s High Pockets 6125 S. 27th St. Milwaukee,WI

WHEN: Saturday March 31st 2012 Event begins 1PM

VENUE FEE: FREE that’s right I said FREE!

GAMES BEING PLAYED: UMVC3 (XBOX360) SuperSF4AE (XBOX360) Tekken 6 (PS3) KOF13(XBOX360) Soul Calibur V(PS3) SFXT(undecided atm) Super Street Fighter 2 X,Vampire Savior and Street Fighter Zero 2 will be run on the original CPS2 arcade boards via Supergun.

NOTE:KOFXIII,MK,Tekken and SCV will only run if enough people show up to run a bracket. So with that said SUPPORT YOUR GAMES!!!

REGISTRATION FEE Is $10 for Super SF4AE,SFXT and UMVC3. $5 for all other games. ST,VS and Zero 2 are side tourneys and reg fee is undecided at this point I will update ASAP.

OTHER DETAILS: Registration is $10 for AE and $5 for all other games. Event will start at 1pm Actual tourney will begin around 3pm this gives people time to get to the venue as well as time for casuals before the tourney. Casuals will be played after the tourney concludes as well.

ATTENTION: It is strongly recommended that you bring your own controller to this event. We can provide a controller if absolutely necessary. When we call your match you MUST be ready to play your match or face disqualification. This is to ensure that the tournament is run in a timely manner.

IMPORTANT NOTES: This is an 18+ venue. If under 18 you will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. If you are under 21 and try to purchase alcohol at the bar you will be asked to leave and banned from attending future events here. If you are 21 and up and try to purchase alcohol for someone under 21 you will be asked to leave and banned from future events. Please feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. SSFIVAE and MVC3 will be ran on 360. Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur V will be ran on PS3.

There is absolutely NO outside food or drink allowed in the venue. There are plenty of food and drink options inside of the venue. There is even a Mexican restaurant located on site that is very good.

Tournament Rules:It’s best 2 out of 3 matches. It’s double elimination and you have to win 2 matches against your opponent. Winner keeps the character loser can change characters and ultras. Prize payout is 70/20/10

Super SF4 is played 2/3 rounds Tekken 6 is 3/5 rounds. MVC3 is 2 out of 3 matches. SFXT is 2 out of 3 as well as SCV.

Winners, Losers and Grand finals are best 3 out of 5 matches. Also, gems will be DISABLED for SFXT.

This will be fun.

Gems are banned right? It would take way to much time for everyone to select and go through all their gems for every match. It’d probably be best to just remove all gems from everyones sample set 1. I don’t know how you want to do it but I would like to know what rules we’re going with so I know what to practice for.

Yes, gems will be off. Forgot to mention that in the op.

I’m down to play on whatever system I guess. I’d have to borrow some juice from someone, tho. Can’t wait to delay brackets!

A2? O we in there.

Got you covered.

Is SF X tekken going to be run on 360

PS3 more than likely. If you want I have a PS3 stick you can use.

OK good got worried this game is meant to be run on ps3

i’ll have a ps3 setup for anything

I’m repping Karate werewolves to the fullest No Limit style!

Is button mapping allowed?

Hope we get a good amount of people to come out

Setups we need setups! Copies of games too please.

no problem i can bring games

Cool thank you. If anybody can bring PS3 copies of SFXT please do. Who all is hype for arcade ST,Vampire and Alpha 2?

Are there not plans to run SFxT 2v2 teams??? .-.

There WEREN’T plans to run SFxT teams until you mention this 1 day before the tourney lol.

IMPORTANT: Those of you bringing setups for SFxT PLEASE remove the gems. Thanks.