[Mar 30, 2012] LDN Casino, WSO, HOG (Potter's Bar, Mark Starkey's Arcade (N1London)

Hi, TEO here. I currently live LDN and run a freeplay night at Casino. All welcome. Fridays. I put £1000 in that arcade on Friday. Casino, Goodge Street is where its at. 3S, ST, AE (not 2012 yet) MVC2, TT1, T6BR, KOF XII (sorry). go WSO at Gamerbase if you want free SF4 players on Tuesday. Mondays@GB is the one. SFXT, been plsying it since NOVEMBER. wanna talk sponsors? I’m with CAPCOM, WWE, Facebook and CARLOS SLIM. Mexcicans, we play KOF in our sleep.

Go Heart Of Gaming- NNeoempire. Would post but Im banned for calling out the deity Bryan Tart (aka Probable Bum)

watch out EVO- Team UK is coming!!!

mods plesase move security on this PC makes it hard to access the correct forums.