[Mar 10, 2012] Street Fighter x Tekken Special Event @ Super Arcade (Walnut, CA)

In celebration of Street Fighter x Tekken’s release, we’re running 2 amazing events in one day! First, we’re running a 2v2 Co Op tournament! After the 2v2 tournament comes to a close, we’re running the singles event shortly after! Come out and show us what you got in Capcom’s craziest fighter to hit the scene!

Venue: $5 (Casual stations will be available before the 2v2 event)
2v2 Buy-In: $10 Per Team
Singles Buy-In: $5
*This is a Bring Your Own Controller Event!

2v2 / Singles Rules:
*Gems are banned
Double Elim
2/3 Pools
3/5 Losers,Winners,Grand Finals

2v2 Start Time:

Singles Start Time:

Prize Distribution 2v2:
1st 70 2nd 30%

Prize Distribution Singles
1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10%


this is run solely on xbox 360. hope to see alot of you guys here this weekend!


I don’t know if this is the thread to ask but, is there a dedicated thread to finding a teammate for the doubles tounrey? Is anyone out there looking for a partner?

im sure there will be a few people in need of a partner when you get here. and absolute worst case scenario theres a singles tourney after! :slight_smile:

What time does registration close for singles?

registration for each tourney closes about 5 minutes before that particular tourney starts. dont be shy and come down people!

is this going to be streamed?