Many questions linger and jigger

So like, am I the only guy that actually puts the toilet seat DOWN after using it? It is such a widespread problem where females gripe about their fellow man not putting the seat down. But I don’t do it out of their consideration. I do it simply because it seems like the natural position that something not in use should be in. It also reduces the risk of accidentally dropping something in or falling in. And you don’t have to see the bowl contents (even if you flush, sometimes you get smears).

Hey, speaking of bowl contents, does anyone know what is so special about re-fried beans? I mean, does the south have such a surplus of beans that they are almost always re-fried leftovers? Did it just become a trend that has caused beans that are re-fried to be considered Mexican food?

You will see that by adding Knorr Beef Stock Cubes, you allow the flavors of the beans to come out, by giving it that contrast

Were you not at all deflated by the lack of any nominations for troll of the year?

this is a pretty lackluster effort from you, and I consider you one of my favorite members.

2/10, and im being nice :frowning:

I was hoping the end of the world thing from the Aztecs only affected BeGuiled.

Thanks for nothing Aztecs.

Nickguy you also suck lately.

when the forum work properly ill try again JUST FOR YOU >:(

The solution is to make men poop more than they pee.

Only then will the toilet wars come to an end.

Bitches always complain about dudes not putting the seat down.

Why don’t they ever put the seat up? Or more importantly, invite me to watch more often?

I’ve been thanked by women for leaving the seat down.

Shit, man, all I did was drop a deuce and look at a guitar catalog. Doesn’t take much to be a humanitarian these days.

A decent enough product/idea here that too few people are actually going to get behind:


Less time in the kitchen.

저는 론 버건디 입니까?


My girls is always trying to get me to watch her on the toilet.

Was never a fan of that myself. I remember back in Jr high I was fucking around with these two High school chicks and one of them had made me come into the restroom while the other one was shitting. It was my rest room, and I still didn’t wanna be in there.

Also, NickGuy has been ass lately, been hanging around his faggoty MVC buddies too much.

Take note of the douche with the backward cap, but the gentleman with the correctly forward facing cap

Is this a DragonBall Jay Z thread?

Toolman did the same for his wife when he renovated the bathroom on Home Improvement.

We just need those Japanese toilets, the ones that make you squat. Problem solved.

Forget the thread, let’s talk about your avatar. GDLK