Manga "Ryu Final" and its influence on Game canon.

Hello all.

I just want to say I just read Udon’s English translation of the Ryu Final manga (yeah I know I was extremely late on this one :S) and I gotta say is fantastic, it is IMO the best SF comic/manga related thing I have ever read; even better than that same author’s (Masahiko Nakahira) Street Fighter Alpha and Sakura Ganbaru Mangas.

Now, I would like to list and discuss what I believe are the influences this particular Manga had on the SF game canon; for context, this manga was originally released in Japan around 1998 (after SF3 2nd Impact but before Third Strike), so, here they are (as far as I am aware):


-The “catch a leaf” training lesson by Gouken appears on Ryu’s 3S ending.
-Oro’s ending on 3S has him taking Ryu as his apprentice and on the top of a big boulder Ryu has to carry, just like in the manga.
-The tree in Dudley’s home (where Elena can communicate through) appears in Elena and Dudley’s story in SFxTekken.
-Ryu’s new move in the manga “the fist of the wind” appears to be the main influence on Ryu’s focus attack from SF4.
-Sagat mentions a “Promise” to Ryu in their rival fight from SF4, the manga also mentions the same “Promise” between the two fighters when they fight later on the second half of the manga.
-Evil Ryu’s circular chest scar on his SSF4 apearance looks to be based on a very similar injury Akuma causes to Ryu in the manga.

So, for those who have read it, what do you think? Am I missing something else?

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Have you thought about visiting the story thread we have in the SFV forums? There’s a lot of people there that love talking about this stuff, Nakahira’s mangas are especially well known.

Oh really? Did not know that, will do! thanks for the heads up!