Man writes book on love and shades of vagina, resigns

rest of article here:

purchases copy from amazon :rofl:

…whats in store for the guys not beyond the highest caliber? :confused:

Animated Link owns many copies of this book, because a certain princess won’t put out.

This book looks epic. He instantly made me think of the coach from Mean Girls :rofl:

Why did he lose his position again? Oh right, sex is frowned upon in America, cept when it’s in a silly book for women :rolleyes:

I’d say there’s a 75% chance homeboy has done the deed with one of his students

not exactly the kind of guy i want coaching my daughter, i must say

I thought this was going to be the male version of 50 Shades of Grey, “50 Shades of Vagina.”

This is pretty cool, sucks that he got fired. As long as he isn’t screwing the girls, I don’t see what the problem is.

as one who has preyed on victims with low self esteem i lolled when i read that part

i liken it more to an rpg and gaining levels

I glanced at the thread title and read “Man writes book on 50 Shades of Vagina.” He should have titled the chapter 50 Shades of Vagina where he makes comparisons on the different colors/temperature. lol

I read the preview sample on amazon; he’s the “highest caliber of man” with all these supposed credentials yet this is the best piece of info and writing he can present. Wouldn’t be surprised if the only best (funny) parts were all in that article… I laughed at the Carl Jung and William James quote in the back cover. I’m sure that would only elevate this groundbreaking work further.

“The ultimate goal for a man is to do all he can to eventually be able to commit and submit to a woman’s power.”

I know many hetero guys who will deny this up and down then go buy tampons and ice cream at 2am for their girlfriend/wife, completely missing the giant logic train that should be hitting them.

So he’s saying that all guys’ secret desire is to ultimately be under a woman’s thumb? That was one of the things he wrote which was too ridiculous to consider the rest of the stuff seriously. I don’t know, maybe other dudes really are like this inside but are too scared of their macho image being destroyed if they let it out. It’s just hilarious to me to consider that my true wish is to submit myself.

Yeah everyone knows plenty of dudes putting on a bad act amongst their male peers but turn pussy around their girl, but it’s not because their logic isn’t working that they let themselves be whipped. They’re just scared of losing the girl and probably have fears of never finding another girl, so they put on an tough act around their friends but become a bitch around their girl. Maybe for guys like this they really do wanna be under a woman’s control. Learn something new everyday. lol

This looks like the memoirs of a douche bag to me.

I am enough of a masochist to be under a woman’s thumb.

As long as she knows to keep it quiet when it’s more than just us around.

^At least you’re straight up about it, and this whole thing sounds retarded and funny all at the same time lol.

Oh yea, and he feels himself too much.

Fiction or Nonfiction?

I just read it for $3 Kindle download. Most of it makes sense. lol.

I don’t think hes fucked around with his girls… till after high school.

Thats more common that you’d think though.

Son has the game all fucked up.