Man Kicked Into Subway Loses Arm

obviously this is NSFW
didn’t see anything against posting this in the rules, but delete away if its forbidden.

its not as bad as I thought but, you may cringe when they pull him away (still not THAT bad)


EDIT: Link is much less nudity infested now

dude i would take that link down, but ouch!

I was thinking he was kicked into a Subway Restaraunt…

The problem is not so much the video itself, but the site the video is at.

There looks like a fucking date rape video on the page.

Take that shit down, plz.

The video itself isn’t horrible but there is tits and cum plastered all over that site.

They’re going to be pissed at the site it’s on. Take it down man.

On a side note, it’s probably a couple of guys from Hamilton.

i edited the site to be less offensive (unless you’re racist lol) to anybody

still full of train-y goodness

i like how the train hit his head like 27 times in a row

That’s arms, yo


is that what they call the actual trains themselves in canada? subways? very confusing. I was trying to imagine how in the world someone would lose their arm by being kicked into a subway restaurant…like…THIS! IS! SUBWAY! epic kick and then…?

either way, fuck that dude that kicked the other dude.

Saw this video last night - DAMN! That must suck ass. Seriously, how did that even happen? Did his hand go right on the rail or something?
And wtf was that jackass doing in the beginning kicking him into the train in the first place? Seriously wtf.

The ending made me cringe - everyone just backed the fuck up, too. Shit is serious

His arm fell between the train and the platform. If you’ve ever been on a subway, you know the gap is about 6 inches. That’s why whenever I wait for a subway, I make sure to stand on the middle of the station. Niggas are crazy.


Man, if I was there I would have tossed that other dude on the tracks.

^seriously. I hope someone caught him and didn’t let him get away so he can pay.

don’t know the story…but looked like the other dude started whatever the shit was. and after they both apparently agreed to chill, the dude fucking behind the back sucker-kicked him…right into the train. bitch


this was playing in the background


edit: that really does hurt to watch…when he starts cringing…ouch…

Got to hand it to the attacker, that was a mighty fine kick.

clearly only one choice as a career now

What country did this vid come from?

u are so bad.