Man is sexually aroused by trees

…and it’s me. What weird shit turns you guys on?

Stop stealing my kinks.

Reading the title gave me a woody.


fuck somebody beat me to the obvious woody joke.

woodn’t ya know it?

tiny chicks in big cars…

the dejected look of failure

The terror in their face. Nah, man, I’m not fucked up like that unless my other personality takes over.

You’re hard every time you look in the mirror then? That must suck, especially when it’s not because you’re beautiful…

Bob Ross lives on!

Happy little trees.

Why did you need to branch out to your own thread with this? Don’t you think it sticks out a bit? Nut that I’m trying to bark out backseat moderation, but I think it leaves a bad precedent for later “coming out” threads to sprout. Why can’t we just stick to our FGC roots instead of this kinky shit? Not like catering to special flowers like you will bear any fruit, dew you see?

White girl that says the N word. I just want to fuck the shit out of her.

Just normal stuff like latex and heels.

Are you white or black? The context of enjoying that changes dramatically based on your response.

*That guy gets wood way too easily. Oaky, that was a terrible pun. *

Tall and thin like bamboo or short and wide like an oak stump?

I like being violent wih women choking hair pulling punching

I like making them call me sir and basedgod

Call her worthless then slap her and drop a load on her face shell love you forever


[details=Spoiler] the above statements may or may not be influenced by the fact that im currently smashing a submissive fetishist so these techniques may not work on your wife of twelve years

Santa hats

What ever floats your boat, as long as it does not negatively effect others I don’t care what kinky shit you do in the privacy of your own home.

Pretending I’m a six-year-old girl and getting buttfucked by my dad.

Women who wear shades. Omg, something about hot women wearing shades turns me the fuck on.

Especially if she’s a bad bitch who don’t take no shit.