Man.. Hard times: finally someone please help me

Hey: I know it’s been a long time: but I had to buy street fighter 5 today and in timely ways… the controller mapping is locked.

I set my keys and cant get passed the first ! screen… I cant click; Use the mouse, or even press enter.

Close won’t work…

Please advise… You can email me// contact me on messenger or let me know ho

stuck here|416x500


try using the qweasd keys , im also had some problems figuring out at first .after a while i managed to get some buttons working …

i still couldnt figure out the heavy kick on the number pads , still awaiting my arcade stick , hopefully u get it fixed

ah yes… whatever the A key binds to is what starts it… im behind on my arcade stick specs - im looking for work… but there’s less work at the ‘LECLER’

but despite it - yo best believe in love