Man cooks his own gentalia and serves it to guests at a dinner party

The meal costed 100,000 yen, by the way, because “he’s Japanese”.

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Sep 15, 2011


So because he’s Asian, does that mean there wasn’t a whole lot of it to go around?

Fun fact: whoever wrote that article is fucking retarded. Because they used the currency symbol for euros, not yen.

Any other reasons?

Use the search function before making these stand up threads you dick.

I’m oh so very sorry for this little mistake. Chill the fuck out.

A week ago we had three people make the same thread. Shit needs to stop and people need to stop being fucking lazy and pay attention. Maybe if ppl actually got infracted for doing shit that mattered then things would get taking more seriously. Not that I care. I love seeing you post about your love of cock.

I still don’t see the fire. No one else had to post here and someone could have simply closed this thread. Problem solved. Are you losing sleep over those three other threads, sir?