Man commits suicide, leaves website behind detailing everything

Martin Manley commited suicide at 60 years old. Nothing too spectacular about the situation except that he activate a website detailing almost every part of his thought process on the day of the deed.

Haven’t read too much into it yet but, holy cow wow this is something else.

So basically… he killed himself for the sake of wanting the record of the largest suicide letter in the world?

How pathetic. I don’t give a crap if you kill yourself or not, hell the worlds overpopulated as it is, but for a dumbass reason like that? Then dis nigga goes on bragging about how much money and happiness he had throughout life that ALL of us constantly wish we could have?

I bet he was as pathetic in life as he is in death.

Why you hatin’? Nobody’s forcing you to read it.

The guy knew what he wanted and he took control of his life, which is more than most people can say. He seems like a pretty interesting dude, too. RIP.

I ain’t even gonna take the time to learn the niggas name.

I disapprove of suicide completely., now that being said:

I just finished reading OP’s link. That was easily one of the most interesting and disturbing things I’ve seen on the internet in years. Here was a man who was more rational and lucid than most, had his shit together, lived a fulfilling life, and chose to do what the fuck he wanted right until the end giving 0 fucks what others thought.

This nigga is the real Charlie Sheen.


I skimmed through the letter, but I think it’s pretty funny that he called the notion of dying of natural causes “archaic.”

No, he killed himself because he wanted to be in control of his own death. It’s there in the first few sentences.

I find this to be very fascinating. I read a tutorial on how to kill yourself using gas a few years ago, written by a man who wanted to teach others to kill themselves safely(for others) and painlessly, before taking his own life. It might seem kind of ghoulish to be interested in such things, but these are intelligent people that didn’t do this on a whim or during an emotional episode, so it’s not like they didn’t make an educated and thought-out choice. It would be disrespectful to simply write their actions off as tragedy or a mistake and lump them together with teen suicides and others emotional disorders.

can I have his cash-money :coffee:

“Suicide is man’s way of telling God, 'You can’t fire me - I quit!”
*― Bill Maher *

How fitting. lol

  1. I had no health issues. I was only sick three times in my adult life that I can remember – and all three were self-induced (accidental). I didn’t miss a scheduled day of work in over 25 years. I had no diseases.** I never drank. I never took drugs. I never smoked.** Thus, I had no physical problems other than occasional acid indigestion – but, that was usually after eating a whole pan of brownies! So, I admit, I did have brownie issue.

This suicide makes sense now.

Crazy how far this guy went just to become a “memory.”

The Joke

Your head.

This guy’s story is the equivalent to winning a game, declaring yourself champion and then retiring immediately.

An “Interesting” read before bed lol. I read up to, “why age 60”.

i’m sort of proud of him, yet disturbed at the same time.

I approve.


I thougt that he had left some shemale porn on his browser open for the world to see

I wish my last and first name both started with the same letter
Martin Manley

it just rolls off the tongue so nicely

Well, he did what he wanted to do, and didn’t take anybody out with him. Good for him. If only more crazy people were so considerate.

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