Man arrested twice for plugging hole in pool raft



He’s white >:3[/details]

Whatever floats your boat I guess >.>

At least he got the color right.

Didn’t notice how old the story, this is the latest news on him, apparently he porks pumpkins too,

those prosecutors are full of air, it blows my mind to think how this will end

I just hope the the verdict floats to a reasonable conclusion and not inflate on the fact that he was not harming anyone. but I know the jury is pumped up and will go against him

^Fuck you Shadow for taking all the puns and turning my thread into a sinking ship

I don’t really care. Unless he’s in public it’s no different than a blowup doll. Let dat boy inflate.

Not everythings thread worthy you know…

Hope this doesn’t deflate his ego in regards to his sexual prowess. Japan needs him.

Well, whatever floats his boat I guess.

Update urbandictionary with this sexual manuever then. I mean if they got supamandathoe and donkeypunch on there,

maybe this is called the poolywooly?
in the vein of a woolybully [sic]

Who keeps a rape raft? Like, did the family still break it out at pool parties?

Give the man a break.

He clearly suffers from eraftile dysfunction.

He probably overdosed on SeaAlis or VoyageGra.

white people… smh

I blame marvel 3